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leaving a patient after care has been initiated and before the patient has been transferred to someone with equal or greater medical training
advance directive
a DNR order
the obligation not to reveal information obtained about a patient except to other health care professionals involved in the patient's care, or under subpoena, or in a court of law, or when the patient has signed a release of confidentiality
permission from the patient for care or other action by the EMT
crime scene
the location where a crime has been commiteted or any place that evidence relating to a crime may be found
do not resuscitate (DNR) order
a legal document, usually signed by the patient and his physician, which states that the patient has a terminal illness and does not wish to prolong life through resuscitative effots
duty to act
an obligation to provide care to a patient
expressed consent
consent given by adults who are of legal age and mentally competent to make a rational decision in regard to their medical well-being
Good Samaritan Laws
a series of laws, varying in each state, designed to provide limited legal protection for citizens and some health care personnel when they are administering emergency care
the health insurance portability and accountability act, a federal law protecting the privacy of patient-specific health care information and providing the patient with control over how this information is used and distributed
implied consent
the consent is is presumed a patient or patient's parent or guardian would ive if they could, such as for an unconscious patient or parent who cannot be contacted when care is needed
being held legally responsible
a finding or failure to act properlu in a situation in which there was a duty to act, that needed care as would resonably be expected of the EMT was not provided, and that harm was caused to the patient as a result
organ donor
a person who has completed a legal document that allows for donation or orans and tissues in the event of death
scope of practice
a set of regulations and ethical considerations that define the scope, or extent and limits of the EMT's job
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