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Stimulus Response Theory (Table) *Techniques that increase the likelihood of a behavior
-Positive reinforcement -Negative reinforcement
Stimulus Response Theory (Table) *Techniques that decrease the likelihood of a behavior
-Punishment -Response cost
Behavioral Economics Theory
-When we make decisions about what we’re going to do, we weigh the costs and the benefits of changing and the costs and benefits of staying the same. -To increase physical activity, we must make physical activity more rewarding (& less costly) and we must make being inactive less rewarding (& more costly).
Competence Motivation Theory (Chart)
(Receiving feedback about competence & reinforcement for trying to develop competence) --IMPACTS  (Perceived Competence) –IMPACTS (Affect) –INFLUENCES (Behavior).
Self-determination Theory
Social Factors--> Core Psychological Needs--> Level of Self-Determination--> Consequences-->
Social Cognitive (Self-efficacy) Theory
-Past Performance -Vicarious Experiences (Imagined/Modeled) -Social Persuasion -Physiological & Affective States (All tie into Efficacy Expectations….Behavior, Affect, & Cognitions)
Theory of Planned Behavior
-Behavior Beliefs= Attitude toward the Behavior -Normative Beliefs= Subjective Norm -Control beliefs= Perceived Behavioral Control (All lead to= Intention… Behavior)
Theory of Reasoned Action
-Behavior Beliefs= Attitude toward the Behavior -Normative Beliefs= Subjective Norm (All lead to= Intention… Behavior)
Social Ecological Model
Adcocacy/Coordination/ Planing (IS DONE BY…) -Agencies (CREATE…) -Policies (SUPPORT THE CREATION OF…) -Supportive Environ. (PROMOTE…) -Phy. Act.
Transtheoretical Model
1.Stages of Change 2.Progress of Change
(Transtheoretical Model) Stages of Change
-Precontemplation -Contemplation -Preparation -Action -Maintenance
(Transtheoretical Model) Progress of Change
-Experiential Processes -Behavioral
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