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Plank's constant
h = 6.626×10^-34 J*s
Energy of a photon
E = hf
Work function
ф = hf_o (The minimum energy with which an electron is bound in the metal
Maximum kinetic energy of ejected photoelectron
K_max = hf - ф
Compton effect
λ' - λ_o = h/(mc)(1 - cosθ) (m = mass of electron, θ = scattering angle)
de Broglie wavelength
λ = h/p = h/(mv)
Phase speed
v_phase = ω/k
Group speed
v_g = dω/dk
h bar
ħ = h/(2π)
Heisenberg uncertainty principle with relation to momentum
ΔxΔp_x ≥ ħ/2
Heisenberg uncertainty principle with relation to energy and time
ΔEΔt ≥ ħ/2
Wien's displacement law
λ_max T = 2.898×10^-3 m*K
Stefan-Boltzmann constant
σ = 5.670×10^-8 W/m^2*K^4
Emissivity of a black body
e = 1
Stefan's law
P = σAeT^4
Rydberg constant
R = 1.097×10^7 per meter
Wavelength of a photon causing an electron to jump orbitals
λ = [R(n_f^-2 - n_i^-2)]^-1
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