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What is the mechanism of Nitroglycerin?
  • Stimulates the release of NO
  • Causes Venodilation: Reduces venous return to the heart, therefore, decreases workload of the heart
  • Also Vasodilates Coronary Vessels (increasing perfusion)

Increases supply, reduces demand
What is an indication for Nitroglycerin use?
  • Symptomatic treatment for acute ischemic episodes
Does Nitroglycerin help improve survival rates or prevent infarctions?
What are contraindications to Nitroglycerin use?
  • Aortic stenosis
  • RV dysfunction
  • Viagra users 
What is the mechanism of action of β-blockers?
  • β-receptor antagonists
  • Blocks inotropic and chronotropic effect

Effect of slowing HR increases time spent in diastole and increases coronary blood flow
What are 2 contraindications to β-blockers?
  • Fatigue
  • Asthma
What is the mechanism of action of Ca2+-channel blockers? Name 2.
Block Ca2+ channels (antagonize calcium channels)

Nondihydropyridine blockers: Diltiazem & Verapimil
What is the indication for Ca2+ channel blockers? (3)
  • ↓contractility
  • ↓HR
  • slight ↑vasodilation

The dihydros have more vasodilatory effect than heart effect

the non-dihydros have more heart effect than vasodilatory effect 
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