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1. Harmful or offensive contact
2. with P's person
1. Put P in reasonable apprehension
2. Apprehension must be of an immediate battery
False Imprisonment
1. D commits an act of restraint
2. P is confined in a bounded area
Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
1. D must engage in outrageous conduct
2. P must suffer severe emotional distress
Trespass to Land
1. D commits a physical invasion
2. invasion is of land
Tresspass to Chattels
Intentional interference w/ an item of personal property
- damage or destroy property
- steal it, take it away

Recover cost of repair
Intentional interference w/ an item of personal property
- more severe interference - break it or take it away

Recover full market value of item
 (you break it you buy it)
Express Consent
1. legal capacity

Grants explicit permission to D to  behave in a fashion that would otherwise be a tort

duress or fraud negate consent
Implied Consent
1. custom and usage - go some where or engage in an activity where certain invasions are routine

2.  D's reasonable interpretation of P's objective conduct
- body language

All consent has scope
Protective Privileges are...
Defense of others
Defense of property

in response to a threat
Requirements for Protective Privileges
1. Timing - threat is in progress or imminent
2. reasonable belief threat is genuine
3. Force must be proportional
Public Necessity
Invades P's property to protect the community as a whole or a significant group of people

Absolute defense against liability b/c don't want hesitation
Private Necessity
D invades P's property in an emergency to protect an interest of his own

Must pay for actual harm done
No nominal or punitive damages
No ejectment during emergency
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