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The most effective way to improve alveolar ventilation ?
  • Increasing Vt not increasing rate
Pt has high PaCO2 (hypercapnia) and atelectasis. Should you increase Vt or rate ?
  • Increase Vt
  • Atelectasis indicates inadequate Vt
Pt has high PaCO2 but not atelectasis. Should you increase rate or Vt.
  • Rate for pts on SIMV or controlled ventilation.
  • Vt for pts on assist control
Pt has normal PaCO2 with hypoxemia. The PEEP and FiO2 levels are already high. What should you do ?
  • Increase inspiratory time to increase PaO2. Allows for longer time for O2 to diffuse across alveolar membrane.
Most common adjustment to correct inverse I:E ratio ?
Increase flow
Common variables to intiate mechanical ventilation. (Vt, Vent rate, FIO2)
  • Vt- 8-12 ml/kg IBW
  • Vent rate- 8-12 min
  • FIO2- Whatever pt was receiving before intubation
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