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Being silent
Silence allows the patient time to think without pressure.
This skill gives pt an indication of reception. Shows that you have heard and follow the thought pattern. "Yes," "I follow what you said."
Giving recognition
Shows pt that you are aware of them by stating their name in a greeting or by noticing positive changes.
Offering self
Make yourself available to the needs of the pt.
Giving a Broad Opening
Allow the pt to take the initiative in introducing the topic. Ask open ended questions such as "Is there something you'd like to talk about?"
Offering General Leads
Give the pt encouragment to continue by making comments such as "Go On" or "And then?"
Making Observations
Make your perceptions known to the pt. "You appear tense today."
Encouraging Communication
Ask pt to verbalize what they perceive. "Tell me when you feel anxious"
Restate what the pt has said to demonstrate that you understand.
Encourage pt to think through and answer their own questions. Helping pt feel their opinion matters.
Encourages the pr to stay on topic.
Encourage pt to express themselves in more depth. Avoid prying if pt doesn't want to discuss it.
Ask pt to explain themselves clearly if info is vague.
Organizing and summing up the important points of the discussion so pt is aware of the progress made toward understanding.
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