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What is the first step in passing oral meds?
Checking the physicians order for accuracy.
  • Date
  • Pt name
  • Drug name/dosage
  • time for administration
  • route of administration
What is the second step in passing oral meds?
Check if the pt is:
  • NPO
  • has allergies
  • has swallowing challenges
  • is on fluid restriction
What is the third step in passing oral meds?
  • ID pt outcomes
  • know actions
  • special nursing considerations
  • safe dose ranges
  • purpose of administration
  • adverse effects of meds
  • ID what teaching you might need to provide to the pt
What is the fourth step in passing oral meds?
Assemble equipment
  • MAR
  • med cups and tray
  • med cart
  • water if appropriate
What is the fifth step in passing oral meds?
  • perform hand hygeine
  • State 6 rights (pt, dose/preperation, med, route,  reason, time)
  • check MAR and select correct meds (first check)
  • repeat check for additional meds
  • check expiration date
What is the sixth step in passing oral med?
  • compare MAR to label on the med (ltc card, pyxis, or bottle) verifying correct med (second check)
  • verbalize that you will calculate the correct amount of the drug to be given
What is the seventh step in passing oral meds?
Place medications in cup
  • place unit dose medications in a disposable cup. do not open wrapper until at bedside. Keep narcs and mewhen removing ds that require special nursing assessments in a seperate container
  • when removing tabs or capsules from a bottle, pour the necessary number into bottle cap and then place tablets in medication cup. break only scored tabs if necessary to obtain proper dose.
  • when pouring liquid meds, set the cup on a flat surface and read the level of the liquid at the lowes point of the meniscus, palm the label of the bottle.
What is the eighth step in passing oral meds?
check the label of all meds comparing to MAR before returning them to the storage area
What is the ninth step in passing oral meds?
Enter the pt's room
  • perform hand hygeine
  • ID self
  • IF pt using two forms of ID (name, birth date, medical record number) while comparing MAR to pt wrist band
  • check allergies
  • assure privacy
  • explain what is about to occur and what meds are being administered
  • allow for pt questions
  • preform necessary assessments (apical heart rate, bp, etc)
What is the tenth step in passing oral meds?
  • position pt to facilitate comfort and swallowing of meds
  • compare each unit dose med to MAR (third check for unit dose meds)
What is the eleventh step in passing oral meds?
Administer meds
  • offter water or permitted fluids with pills, capsules, tablets, and some liquid meds
  • ask pt preference regarding meds to be taken by hand or in cup (one at a time or all at once)
  • if capsule or tab falls to the floor, discard it and administer a new one
  • record any fluid intake if I/O measurement is ordered
  • remain with pt until each med is swallowed and check to be sure med has been swallowed
what is the twelfth step in passing oral meds?
Prior to leaving toom
  • repositin pt for comfort
  • lower bed
  • raise appropriate rails
  • place call light and belongings within reach
What is the last step in in passing oral meds?
correctly record medon MAR
  • med give and dose
  • time and route
  • record significant assesment data
  • signature and initals
verbalize need to follow up on therapeutic effects of medication (pain, bp, heart reat, fluid status, blood sugar, etc,) in a timely manner
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