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Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development
~parallels cognitive development
~must go thru each stage w/out skipping
Preconventional Stage 1
(elementary school, before age 9)
child obeys an authority figure out of fear of punishment
Preconventional Stage 2
child acts acceptably as it is in her best interests. conform to rules to RECEIVE REWARDS
Conventional Stage 1 (follows stereotypic norms of morality): Early adolescence
person acts to gain approval from others
Conventional stage 2 (follows stereotypic norms of morality)
OBEYS LAWS and fulfills obligations and duties to maintain social system. RULES ARE RULES. Avoid censure and guilt.
Post-Convential Stage 1 (not reached by most adults)
Genuine interest in welfare of others; concerned with INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS adn being morally right
Post-Conventional Stage 2 (not reached by most adults)
Guided by INDIVIDUAL PRINCIPLES; BASED ON BROAD, UNIVERSAL ETHICAL PRINCIPLES.  Concern for larger universal issues of morality.
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