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What are drug activity under-reported?
Victims are also party to illegal activity
Illegal drugs are also manufactured & cultivated; where?
Clandestine Laboratories & grow houses
Common Method used to transport Drugs?
Using both private or public conveyances & shipments via commercial delivery companies
What will some subjects do when abusing prescription drugs?
Doctor Shop
What are mules?
Conceal drugs on their person; often ballon hidden in body cavities
Ex: Drugs being swallowed
What is constructive possession?
When an article is in a place over which the person has control or the person has concealed it. If none of the above... (Knowledge)
What is actual possession?
When article is in hand, in a container in the hand, or in reach of & under control of the person.
Joint Possession
Two or more person exercising control over the article
What are Vice Crimes?
"Victimless Crimes"
Tactical Intelligence?
Specific decision making or problem solving to deal with an immediate situation or crisis. (Hands On)
Strategic Intelligence?
Examines crime patterns & crime trends for managements use in decision making. (broad base)
Examples Of Vice Crimes?
Prostitution, Gambling, Alcohol, Tobacco Violation, Pornography
Child pornography?
Illegal to produce, possess, or distribute
(vice crime)
Gambling Offenses?
Include bolita (numbers game popular in south florida), dog & cock fighting
(vice crime)
Alcohol & tobacco violation?
Crimes mostly committed among people under 21 of age. Ex House Party
(Type of vice crimes)
What are some of the methods law enforcement uses to combat organized crime?
Asset forfeiture, concentration on vice offenses, gathering intelligence, inter-agency cooperation, & Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organization
Associated W/ adult entertainment venues, message parlors, escort service, & callouts
(Vice Crime)
What are the four basic characteristic of an organized crime operation?
  • Specific Structure¬†(Hierarchical or Paramilitary)
  • Profit continuity (Criminal & Legitimate business)
  • Monopolistic (Provider of service or product)
  • Insulated (Higher echelon immune from liability)

Organized Crime promotes?
Public Corruption, Street Crime, Gang Activity & even Negatively impact the economy
Organizational Structure protects individuals from who?
Law enforcement & Regulatory agencies
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