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Kongzi / Master Kong / Confucius
551 - 479 BC. A scholar whose sayings and teachings are the basis for Confucianism.
Key collection of Master Kong\'s sayings.
Ren (Jen)
Empathy, consideration for others, humaneness. A Confucian value.
Appropriate action, ritual, propriety, etiquette.
Reciprocity. A Confucian virtue.
Family devotion, filial piety. A Confucian virtue.
The ideal man, a gentleman who properly follows the rites (Li) and embodies virtue (Ren / Jen).
Heaven, an impersonal force that projects a cosmic moral and social order (Dao).
Receptive aspect of the universe that expresses itself in silence, darkness, coolness, and rest.
The active aspect of reality that expresses itself in speech, light, and heat.
Tao Te Ching (Daodejing)
Classical scriptures of Daoism
Dao (Tao)
Mysterious origin of the universe, which is present and visible in everything.
Wu Wei \"No action,\" \"No strain,\" doing only what comes spontaneously and naturally, effortlessness.
Chi (Qi)
The life force.
Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu)
Author of Zhuangzi, a book of whimsical stories that express themes of early Daoist thought.
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