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Child abuse?
Intentional infliction of physical or mental injury upon a child
What charge is child abuse?
Who can be charged with child abuse?
Any adult
Aggravated child abuse? What is the charge?
Battery on a child; tortures, maliciously punishes, or cages a child. Its a first-degree felony
Wrongfully, intentionally, without legal justification or excuse
Child neglect
When a caregiver fails to provide a child with the care, supervision, & service needed to maintain child's physical & mental health.
Examples of Child abuse & neglect
  • inflicting or allowing physical, mental, or emotional injury
  • committing or allowing sexual battery, or lewd & lascivious act
  • allowing, encouraging, of forcing the sexual exploitation of a child
  • abandoning a child
  • exposing a child to an illegal controlled substance
  • using unreasonable restraint, or extended periods of isolation to control a child
  • allowing a child's sibling to die because of abuse or neglect
  • negligently failing to protect a child from inflicted physical, mental, or sexual injury caused by acts of another
  • engaging in violent behavior that demonstrates a wanton disregard for the presence of a child & could reasonably result in serious injury to the child
Behaviors that indicate child abuse?
  • Fears remaining at home, or returning to the home
  • is wary of adult contact
  • startles easily
  • appears overly affectionate
  • act violently or aggressively
  • cries uncontrollably
  • exhibits inappropriate sexual behaviors
Parental behaviors that indicate environment of abuse?
  • stressful relationship
  • acute tension in the home
  • unreasonable discipline
  • unrealistic expectation
  • impulsive behaviors
A parent does not commits child neglect nor contributes to a child's dependency if she leaves a newborn infant where?
  • Hospital
  • emergency medical service station
  • fire station
  • emergency room with the intent to leave the infant & not return
How old does the infant need be before a parent can not be charge for neglect?
7 days old
To prevent retribution what must an officer do to keep reporters identity what?
What type of investigations will be made for all child abuse incident?
  • Social services/ DCF
  • Criminal/ Officer
An officer's feeling about child abuse or discipline can what?
Interfere with his or her judgment during a child abuse incident
In a child abuse or neglect case if the office cannot establish where the incident occurred, what must an officer do?
Must treat the entire area as a crime scene
While securing the scene what must the officer identify?
All parties and there relationship to each other, Including:
  • Parents
  • Caregivers
  • Guardians
F.S. 914.16 has set guidelines that states what?
Limits on interviewing child abuse or sexual abuse victim who are under 16 years old
Joint interviews decision about who interviews should be based on what?
Tactical rather than legal or jurisdictional
What must an officer do if the parent refuses to let the officer interview the child?
Determine if child is the immediate danger, if so remove the child from the scene & notify supervisor
What must an officer do if the parent refuses to let the officer interview the child; and child is not in danger?
Officer should determine the relationship between the suspect & victim for purpose of protecting the child from further abuse and then physically separate the child and suspect.
The officer should document what as far as statements in a child abuse incident?
Excited utterance or spontaneous statements made by all parties involved in the child abuse; in quotation marks, their emotional state, approximate time of statement made
Child protective investigator?
Their authorities?
Determine when the child should be placed in protective custody.
They have the authority remove child from caregiver's custody & control without a custody order.
Individuals who are required to report child abuse, abandonment, neglect are:
  • Physicians
  • medical examiners
  • nurse
  • hospital personnel
  • mental health professionals
  • spiritual healers
  • school personnel
  • social workers
  • daycare workers
  • foster care
  • residential or institutional workers
  • law enforcement officers
  • judges
DCF abuse hot line is:
If an officer determine to end the investigation if no criminal violation is apparent, what else can he do?
Call 1-800-96-abuse DCF abuse hotline
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