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Cognitive Dissonance
The Theory that we act to reduce the discomfort, when we feel two of our thoughts are inconsistent. For example when our awareness of our attitudes and of our actions clash, we can reduce the resulting dissonance by changing our attitudes.
Fundamental Attribution Error
The tendency for observers, when analyzing anothers behavior, to undersetimate the impact of the situation and to overestimate the imapct of the personal disposition.
Commonly held public belief about certain typers or individuals.
Feelings often based on our beliefs, that predispose us to respond in a particular way to objects, people, and events.
Diffusion of Responsibililty
When a group of people feel less responsible for certain task because there was no assigned responsibility.
Social Psychology
Study of relations between cultures, peoples, and groups.
When someones beliefs, attitudes and behaviors are structured by what it seems that the group wants.
Judgement of particulars groups based on certain differences.
when a group makes irrational decisions based off of group pressure and deterioation of mental effeciency.
Gender Roles
A set of scial and bevioral norms that are set to specific sexes of humans.
Group Polarization
A tendency to make a decision more extreme in a group rather than invidually.
Social Phobia
The fear of interaction with the groups and individuals around you.
Behavior between members of the same species that is meant to cause harm.
Discrimination(Social Behavior)
Negative behavior between groups excluding other groups based on certain attributes.
Self serving Bias
When people credit theirselves with success but credit other factors for failure.
How people explain, causes of events, others behavior, and their behavior.
Immersion in a group of which an individual becomes part of the group.
The act of carrying out commands or listening to direction.
Social Facililation
The act of feeling better for doing smaller task around groups rather then by yourself.
Social Loafing
People making less effort to achieve a goal when in a group, rather then working alone.
Self-less concern for the welfare of others.
Facial Feedback Hypothesis
Facial movement can influence emotional experience. EX: A person fored to smile during and experiment might find it more enjoyable.
Self Fulfilling Prophecy
A false "Guess of the future" that when influenced can be achieved and become true through the fear of the telling.
Social Norms
Behavioral expectations within a group.
Frustration Agrression Hypothesis
Theory that when you are angered or troubled with something, it leads to angered behavior because of intolerance.
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