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Americans with disabilities act (ADA)
Federal civil rights legistlation that establishes the right of persons with disabilities to equal access to sites and buildings and sets design guidelines for its implementation.
An alternative to litigating a dispute, in which one or more arbitrators hears the evidence and renders a decision.
Bid Bond
A surety bond guaranteeing that the bidder will sign a contract, i offered, in accordance with his or her proposal
Cash Allowance
An amount included in the contract sum to cover the cost of certian items not specified in detail. Hardware and other finish items are often handled in this manner
Change Order
A written order to the contractor, pepared by the architect and signed by the owner, contractor, and architect, which authorizes a change in the work, the contract sum, or the contract time
an engineer or other specialist retained by the architect t provide specified professonal services to the architect that the architect is required to provide to the owner under the owner-architect agreement
An amountof money set aside in a budget to cover unanticipated expenses
Direct Expense
Expense items directly incurred by or attributable to a specific project.
Direct Personnel Expense (DPE)
Salaries and wages attributable to a specific project, plus benefits such as employment taxes, insurance, sick leave, holidays, vacations, pensions, and similar contributions and benefits.
Standard of Care/ Due Care
Requirement that a professional exercise reasonable ability and judgement in a specific circumstance, the absence of which constitutes negligence. (basically how well a normal person cares for something)
Final Completion
The completion of all work in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract documents
General Conditions
The part of the contract documents that states the rights, responsibilities, and relationships of the parties involved, usually by means of a stanard document published by the American Institute of Architects.
Means of Egress
The elements that comprise an exit to the outside, including aisles, corridors, doors, and stairways
Punch List
A list of items to be corrected or completed, which is provided by the contractor and usually expanded by the architect based on a detailed inspection of the work prior to substantial completion.
Record Drawings
Drawings revised to show changes made during construction.
Shop Drawings
Drawigs prepared by contractor, subcontractor, manufacturer, or supplier, showing how specific portions of the work shall be fabricated and/or installed.
Part of the contract documents, comprising written descriptions of materials, contruction systems, and workmanship
one who has a contract with a prime contractor to perform a portion of the work
Substantial Completion
as defined in the AIA General Conditions, completion of a project to the point where the owner can occupy all or designated portions of the work for the purpose for which it is intended.
Trade Discount
The difference between the list price and the actual price paid.
a supplement to documents, issued prior to taking receipt of bids, for the purpose of clarifying, correcting, or otherwise changing bid documents previously issued.
Bid Bond
a pledge from a surety to pay the bond amount to the owner i nthe event the bidder defaults on its commitment to enter into a contract to perform the work described in the bid documents for the bid price.
General Conditions
a section of general clauses in the contract specifications that establish how the projct is to be administered. Included are obligations such as providing temp work, insurance, field offices, etc.
a claim, encombrance, or charge against or an interest in property to secure payment of a debt or perfrmance of an obligation.
Project Management
The use of integrated systems and procedures by a team of professionals during project dsign and construction. As applied to a construction project, Project Management can be used synonymously with Construction Management.
Record Drawings
Drawings (plans), prepared after construction is complete that represent the work, accomplished under the contract.
The application of specific procedures to determine if work has been completed in the prescribed manner and at the required levels of workmanship.
Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
A Facility-prepared reportthat documents in detail the probable environmental impact of a proposed project.
detailed evaluation of the work.
a process that provides for the inervention of an acceptable and impartial 3rd party who asssts and persuades contesting parties to reach a mutually acceptable settlement of their differences through an appropriate means of reconciliation, interpretation, clarification, suggestion, and advice.
Owner's Representative
The person or firm designated in the contract documents to serve as the official represtnaive of the owner in connection with a project and to perform contract administration.
The process for defining project needs; programming includes cataloging the space and equipment needed, definihg functional relationships, and identifying building systems requirements.
Punch list
a list of items to be completed or orrected by the contractor before Substantial Completion can be established. The punch list is prepared by the owner's rep
Shop Drawings
drawings, diagrams, schedles, and other data specifically prepared for the work, by the contractor or a subcontractor, to illustrate some portion of the work.
a person or firm that has a contract with the contractor.
Substantial completion
that stage in the process of the work when the Owner's rep determines that the work is complete and in accordance with the contract documents except for completion of minor items that do not impair the client from occupying and fully utilizing the work for its intended purpose
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