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Construction Drawings show:
Material Quantity
A change during construction in the location of underground lines from that show on the site untilities pla should be reflected in
Recorded Drawings
What is NOT in a contract document
Shop Drawings

Responsibilities of the owner uder the provisions of AII General Conditions

  1. Provide access to the construction site
  2. Obtain necessary easements.
  3. provide necessary copies of construction documents
AII Owner-Architect Agrement B141-1997

establishes the Architect/Interior Designer's ownrship of documents

Who is responsible for worker's safety on a job site?
General Contractor
the space that is NOT defined as a part of the building core
Reception Area
The responsible party for coordinating the work of the engineeing consultants of a Interior Design Project (MEP, acoustic, fire safety, ada/tas)
Architect/Interior Designer
Under the AIA General Conditions the architect's responsibilites regarding the punch list are:
The architect must approve the punch list
The tye of info that is not normally in technical specifications
Material quantities


Additions to the contract document before they have been approved
2 parties who disagree about something coming to an agreement
When a 3rd party comes in to help with a negotiation - no coersion
when funds are set aside for ____
when a 3rd party comes in to make a decision for the negotiation - Coersion
the walls that separate 2 rentable spaces
The insurance t show you have everything to do a project
Building standard
The basic finishes of a building (typically beige)
Standard of care
how much care a normal person would give something
Substantial completion
when a project has reahed a level of completion where the owner will accept it and begin to move in
Certificate of occupancy
the certificate that states the space is ready for occupancy
completing/designing a blank space
Class A Building
higher level of finishes, more expensive
Partition type
The choice of division between spaces - may be fire proof or may be accoustical, etc)
Key Note
The note/symbol on a drawingthat brings attention to something
What does a project manual include?
everything except drawings - contracts, cover letter, specs, exhibits)
What is a schedule?
the list of items in a drawing - doors,windows, etc - that have to do w/ construction.
What does 06/s5 mean?
What is the difference between general conditions & supplementary conditions
General conditions: set by general contractor
Supplementrary - set by owner
What is the difference between shop drawings & construction drawings?
shop - done on site - must be reviewed by arch/id
construction - done by arch/id
how many divisions are i the CSI Masterformat system? Name 2
Divisions - 16
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