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Who has the most power and influence in the House?  In the Senate?
 House- speaker of the house
senate- majority and minority leader
What are the differences between debate time in the House and the Senate?
senate- leadership has less control over floor debate
unlimited dabate time
limiteed debate time
bill sponser and leading oppenent allocate all the debate time
senator prevente action on legislation by holding the floor and speaking until the majority backs down
3/5 votes of senate can end a filibuster
Understand the three possible actions a president can take regarding a bill.
1.sign the bill
2.veto the bill
3.pocket veto the bill
 How can Congress override a presidential veto?
2/3 vote of each congressional house
What are the internal and external influences affecting Congress’ decisions?
external- legislators constituence, intrest grouo, policol parties
internal- party leadership, congressional collegues, and the president
What purpose does the party whip serve?
 Responsible for cordinatinf partys legislative strategy, building support on key issues, cointing vots, and communicate voting info to leaders
What is logrolling?
Agreement between legislators in voting on bill ( ill support you if you support me)
What purpose does congressional oversight and appropriations serve?
Y of government spend
oversight- supervises how legislative branch is carried out by the exucutive branch
apporation- ammount of money approved by congress unit or agencY of government spending
When does the President need the advice and consent of the Senate?
Appointing top executive and judicial offices
Understand the impeachment process. What role does the Senate play? The House?
Impeachment-formal charge by the house thhat government officals has commites treson, bribery or other high cromes and misdemeanors
house – acts as the grand jury by voting if evedince exist to forcibly remove the person froom office requires majority vote
sennate- requires 2/3 senate majority vote to convict
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