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"Im in love with being in love."
"What kind of love are you talking about?"
"Americans tend to be aggressive."
"Which Americans?"
"A chair can have feelings."
"That thought has four legs."
"He's a pain in the neck."
"What does he do, specifically, that bothers you?"
"I haven't accomplished anything."
"Not anything at all?  Is that really true?  Not even one, single, little thing?"
"I have to walk on eggshells around you, don't I?"
"Whose eggshells?"
"A person could get really fed up with you."
"Which person?"
"He loves me, I can tell."
"How can you tell?"
"It's lonely at the top."
"Lonely in what way?"
"A lot has to do with just everything."
"What has to do with just what?"
"I'll be in charge of this vacation.  Or would you rather I make your life miserable?"
"I'll take the option you didn't mention."
"She doesn't want me here. She asked how long I'd be staying."
"How do you know she wasn't just planning her time?"
"We can't afford to move."
"Could you if you absolutely had to?"
"A wife should at least fix a man dinner."
"Which wife should fix which man dinner?"
"I can't make any progress."
"What would have to be true for you to be able to make progress?"
"He should know I'm upset."
"How could he tell?"
"You're trying to make me look foolish."
"How do you know I'm trying to do anything?"
"Could you tell us more about your plans for the future?"
"Yes, I could.  (Not doing it.)"
"You can do it now or later."
"Aren't you forgetting something?"
"This boat is the best buy for your money."
"Whose research says that?"
"Even you can understand what I'm about to tell you."
"Even I?  Compared to whom?"
"I pick arguments for no apparent reason."
"How, specifically, do you pick arguments?"
"Must you wear that silly hat?"
"Silly in whose opinion?"
"Silly in whose opinion?"
"Every time I try something, it fails."
"Every single time?  You've never tried anything, ever, that succeeded?"
"She's not very good at that, is she?"
"Who thinks she isn't?"
"You have to have will power to lose weight."
"What would it be like if you could lose weight without will power?"
"I can't imagine it."
"What if you could?"
"Work smarter, not harder."
"Smarter than what, specifically?  Harder than what?"
"You're not going to learn what you don't want to know."
"Who, exactly, never learns what they don't want to know?"
"If there's music playing, I can't get to sleep."

"If there's no music playing, can you stay awake?"
"She was looking at the man with binoculars."
"Who had the binoculars?"
"The future is brighter with our little blue gizmo."
"Brighter than what?  For whom?  In what way?"
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