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where is the windload anchor located on the mullion?
where are the gridlines normally located on the job site?
how are the gridlines indicated on the drawings?
letters and numbers
who supplies the gridlines and benchmarks
the heights of the horizontal mullions on a curtainwall are taken off what reference pont?
what is the purpose of a dead load anchor
hold the weight of the system
what is the purpose of a windload anchor?
tranfer load from the frame to the structure
what reference points are used to determine the distance from the edge of the slab to the back of the mullions?
concerning windload anchors they are first tightened then loosened off a half turn, what is done to prevent the nut from backing off?`
welded in place
what is done to prevent glass from walking concerning CW framing?
Blocks on the side
what is the combined weight per sq.ft of a glazed CW frame
15-16 lbs per sq.ft
the expansion joint at the cap and back member should be?
the load that deflects the horizontal mullion is termed?
dead load
what is the term used for the load wind implies on the CW
live load
what can be done if a large unit is deflecting a horizontal mullion
move setting blocks closer to the corners
what sealant is used for sealing concealed joints in a curtainwall?
what tool is used to set the horizontal mullions level when installing CW
laser level or builders level
if a wet seal is to be used on a slope glaze system, what should be used?
shim tape
the verticle member on a slope glaze system is termed?
the horizontal member on a slope glaze system is termed?
a snow load on a slope is termed?
live load
wind, dead load, and snow load are used to calculate the length and size of what member of the slope?
what is the guaruntee on sealed units that are more than 15 degrees off verticle?
no guarantee
any areas or cavaties at the top, bottom or transition of a slope should be?
when installing evap. gutters on a slope glaze system, what should be done to prevent leaks.
seal ends
when glazing a sealed unit on a slope, what kind of glass should the sealed unit be made of?(inboard and outboard)
laminated inboard, tempered on the outboard
when an aluminum member is fastened to a steel rafter, what should be done?
sloted for expansion
what can be done to control the moisture from forming on the inside of the skylight?
adequate forced air
what kind of cap is generally used on a horizontal purlin?
when using silicone to seal a skylite, what is used to clean the glass and aluminum?
what is the main reason for sealed unit failure in slope glazing systems?
sealant incompatability
what is another name for condensation gutter?
evaporation gutter
to prevent leakage on a slope system you should use the proper sealants and?
adequate drainage
when fastening an aluminum skylite to steel structure, what material should the fasteners be made from?
stainless steel
what type of insulation should be used at the head and sill of a slope glaze system?
the best drainage for a slope system is gutters on the ____________ and _____________?
rafters and purlins
what is a better method of drainage, off the slope, rather than using flat bar on the purlins?
when installing a commercial aluminum frame, where should the shims be placed concerning the sill?
under anchor at verticle and 1/4 points
which is the most inexspensive finish on aluminum disregarding mill finish?
concerning butt hinges, what does NRP indicate?
Non Removeable Pin, Non Rising Pin
if a butt hinge door needs to be moved closer to the lock jamb what has to be done?
shim between backup plate and the hinge
what is the outside dimendion of a single door frame?
39 1/2x85 3/4
how is the backset of a lock measured for a door
from the leading edge of the door to the center of the cylinder
what are the 2 most common backsets of a commercial aluminum doors
31/32 and 1 1/8
what is the measurement from the frame to the pivot for a center hung door with a finger gaurd?
3 3/4 or 95mm
what size machine screws are used for butt hinges and offset pivots?
when mounting an exposed closer what direction do the adjusting screws face?
toward the hinge jamb
in order to move a butt hinge door closer to the hinge side, what must be done?
shim between backup plate and the frame
what is the advantage of using off set pivots
ease of installation
when installing a vestibule how is it made square to the existing frame
3-4-5 method
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