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How did early treatment of mental patients in the United States compare to that offered in Europe?
It was comparable to that offered in Europe
Humanitarian treatment would be most typical of
the hospitals run by Philippe Pinel.
During the middle ages in Europe, which of the following was most likely to treat mental illness?
a priest
Dorothea Dix
s credited with establishing numerous humane mental hospitals in many countries.
If you visited an asylum in the 16th Century in Europe you would likely find
mentally ill people living in conditions of filth and cruelty
Who established the first experimental psychology laboratory?
The central principle of operant conditioning is that
the consequences of behavior influence its likelihood of being repeated.
What is "mass madness"? Question 18 answers
an exhibition of disordered behavior by a group of people that appears to be caused by hysteria
During the first half of the 20th Century, mental hospital care would best be characterized as
The physicians of Alexandria, Egypt in the era after Alexander the Great were most likely to treat mental patients by
providing activities, massage, and education.
According to the humanist perspective, what is the primary goal of all humans
Cognitive-behavioral psychologists believe that abnormal behavior
results from distorted thinking and information processing.
A protective factor is
an influence that modifies a persons response to environmental stressors.
Freud's view of mental disorders was that they were a result of
unresolved conflicts between the id, the ego and the superego.
Newer psychodynamic perspectives
do not view the libido as a primary determinant of behavior.
In Albert Bandura's experiment on observational/social learning, he divided children into three groups, each experiencing a different situation. Which of the following is not one of those three experiences
Watching other children beat up a bobo doll
Which of the following is NOT a psychosocial viewpoint?
The site of communication between two neurons is the
If a response has been learned through conditioning, it would be appropriate to treat it using the process of
necessary cause.
It is a hot day and a child sprays you with a garden hose. You might react with amusement (and even thanks!) or considerable anger. The fact that one event can be interpreted in different ways is central to the ________ approach to therapy.
Which parental style is characterized by warmth, control, and communication?
Suppose that the presence of a particular gene is a sufficient cause for the occurrence of schizophrenia. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
There are other things besides this gene that can cause schizophrenia.
Behaviorists suggest maladaptive behavior can be a result of
failure to learn adaptive behaviors.
In the video lecture, Dr. Jensen compared the predisposition to stress and coping skills in the diathesis stress model to:
Buckets of water varying in size and ladles
Due to ________, we can learn from the experiences of others.
observational learning
Etiology is
the causal pattern of a disorder.
Which of the following is a criticism of traditional psychoanalytic theory?
lack of scientific evidence
Tracy and Shahid are both 3 months old. Tracy is highly active, easily irritated, and cries easily. Shahid is quiet, adapts easily to change, and seems fearless. These differences illustrate
differences in temperament.
After being bitten by a dog, Jose finds that he feels afraid whenever he sees a dog. In classical conditioning terms, the dog can be described as a(n)
conditioned stimulus.
Shanna goes to Dr. Henderson for a first interview. He diagnosis her with a depressive disorder. She then goes to Dr. Smithson, because her friend recommended her. Dr. Smithson diagnosis Shanna with an anxiety disorder. This demonstrates a problem with
The MMPI is
a structured approach to personality assessment.
A person comes to a mental health professional with a certain complaint. The professional attempts to understand the nature and extent of the problem. This process is called
In comparison to projective personality tests, objective personality tests
are presented in a more controlled format
Which of the following would be an example of a projective technique?
A child is asked to draw her family.
Which of the following best describe psychodynamic assessment methods?
ocus on uncovering unconscious material from patients, often caused by childhood events taht were traumatic and repressed by the individual.
Self-report measures have several advantages and disadvantages as a method of gathering information . Included as disadvantage is/are:
the possibility of bias
Which of the following statements regarding assessment is true?
An adequate assessment should include as much information as possible to allow the clinician to determine how the individual is functioning now and to predict how she will respond to various forms of treatment.
Several clinician's look at the TAT results of a hospitalized patient. The patient described the characters on the card as not speaking to each other. One clinician says this means the patient has a lot of unresolved anger. Another says it means the patient has a lot of social anxiety. The third says he thinks it means the patient is uninterested in people and prefers to be alone. This demonstrates the following problem with the TAT:
scoring and interpretation is very subjective.
Which of the following best illustrates high reliability?
Two interviewers diagnose the same disorder after talking to the same client.
"Projective" and "objective" are two types of ________ tests.
If a diagnosis is made by comparing subjects to a "model" of an illness, which type of classification scheme is being used?
Which of the following describe cognitive assessment methods?
try to ascertain the nature of the though patterns, assumptions and beliefs that presumably underlie misperception and self-inhibiting behavior.
Which of the following is an advantage of structured interviews over unstructured interviews?
They provide quatifiable information across individuals
During an assessment interview, Dr. Poole noted that Jane's boss at work was harassing her. On which of the five axes of the DSM would this information be noted?
Axis IV
Which of the following is a true statement about assessment and professional orientation?
The focus of the assessment will be largely determined by the professional orientation of the clinician.
The need for rapport between a clinician and a client means
the client must feel comfortable with the clinician and the assessment.
One criticism of the current DSM is:
It is atheretical
Which of the following is NOT a criticism of projective tests?
client responses are limited
Dr. Hunter is studying depression. He decides that he will divide his subjects into depressed and nondepressed groups using information about their response to a loss. He has found that 96% of people feel hopeless and sad for about 3 weeks after a loss. So he decides that any subject who has continued to feel this way for more than 3 weeks will be considered depressed. He is using a Question 20 answers
dimensional approach.
What does it meant to say that a study is "double-blind"?
Both the patient being given the drug and whoever will evaluate the drug's effects do not know whether the patient was given the treatment or the placebo.
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