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Max Continuous T5 & Torque
694 C

86.3 % Torque
Max Gross Weight
10,500 lbs
Foot Print
16'5" X 8'5.5"
Two Alison 250-C30s
Max Cargo Gross Weight
600 lbs
Cargo/Cabin Max Floor Weight
75 lbs/sq ft
Vne Power On
155 kts
Vne Power Off
141 kts
Minimum IMC  (Vmin or MIE)
60 kts  AFCS Phase II
(50 kts AFCS Phase III)
Vne ? with # or less fuel in either tank
126 kts with 80# or less fuel in either tank
Vne Landing Gear Down or in Transit
130 kts (120 kts per Ops Manual)
Vne Windshield Wiper Operation
141 kts
Max Ground Speed
40 kts
(training touch down 25 kits)
Max Ground Speed to apply Brakes
34 kts
Max TO & Landing Alt
6900 ft DA
Max Enroute Alt
15000 ft DA
Ambient Temp Limits
-34.4 C to +36.7 C
not to exceed +49.9C

(-29.92 F - 98.06 F max 120 F)
360 Deg Hover Turns
12 sec Max
Max Side/Crosswind/Tail Wind
35 kts to 6900 DA 17 kts Above
Vne Floats Inflated or Inflating
75 kts
Max Water Contact Speed
33 kts
Landing Gear Must Be Down for Float Inflation
Max Sidewind flight or Crosswind Hover w/Floats
20 kts
Max Float PA
5000 ft PA
Usable Fuel
956 lbs (140.6 Gal) per tank
1912 lbs (281.2 Gal) Total
Engine Oil Temperature
Min 0 C
Max 107 C
Engine Oil Pressure
Min            50 psi
Precaution  50-90 psi
Norm          90-130 psi
Max           130 psi
Fuel Pressure
Min 5 psi
Fuel Flow
75-412 lbs/hr
Power Off Rotor RPM
87% - 115% Nr
Transient 78% Nr
Transmission Oil Pressure
65 psi with both pumps 35 psi with one pump inoperative.
(Both are in the green)
20-120 psi
How many LRB's and where
12 total
4 Engines- top of each engine, 2 AF oil
4 Hydralic- 2 per system
2 AF Fuel
1 Transmission Oil
1 Landing Gear
Electrical Busses
9 Busses:

DC Essential
No 1 DC Primary
No 2 DC Primary

No 1 AC Primary
No 1 26 VAC
No 2 AC Primary
No 2 26 VAC
AC Monitor (three-phase)
Rotor Diameter
44 ft

14 ft 8 in
clearance needed from obstacle
Hydraulic Systems
1st Stage
2nd Stage
(landing gear, pedal damper, VTA)
Wheel brakes
Rotor brake
Starter Limits
With ignition:
60 sec on, 60 sec off, 60 sec on, 15 min off

Without ignition:
30 sec on, 30 sec off, 30 sec on, 15 min off

826-927 10 sec 1 sec @ 927
Indications: Servo System light on, pressure normal
Airspeed – Reduce below 125 knots
Servo Switches – Confirm both ON
If controls binding: Servo Switch – Appropriate System OFF
If controls still binding: Land/Ditch IMMEDIATELY
If no control binding: Servo Switches – Reconfirm both ON
Land as soon as possible
Indications: Servo System light on, pressure less than 1600 psi.
Airspeed – Reduce below 125 knots
Servo switch – Appropriate system OFF
If controls are binding: Land/Ditch immediately
If no binding: Land As Soon Possible
Note: Loss of the #2 servo system will result in the loss of the VTA, Pedal Damper, and the Landing Gear System.
35? 52? 74?
What are they?
35 - (CDP) Critical Decision Point

52 - (Vtoss) Vertical Takeoff Safety Speed (V2)
(TDP) Takeoff Decision Point

74 - (BROC) Best Rate of Climb
What items are dual powered?
N1 Guage
Nr Guage
T5 Guage
Fire Extinguisher
Apical Rafts
AC Gen Warning Light

AC Gen Fail Light
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