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VNE sideward flight with floats inflated
Max speed for touchdown autorotation
Max speed for touchdown in the water with floats inflated
Max speed for applying brakes
VNE sideward flight or rearward hover (SL to 6900 ft.)

CAT A takeoff speed-min airspeed for level flight one engine inop
35 Knots
Recommended airspeed for touchdown with tail rotor failure or severed tail rotor cable(s)

Max normal touchdown speed

Gear warning switch

Pitch Bias starts being operational
40 Knots

  • CAT A and CAT B approach speed

  • VNE for operating the sliding door

50 Knots
VTOSS (vertical takeoff safety speed

What Climb Rate
52 Knots

OEI 100 fpm, 2.5 min pwr, gear down
Minimum Speed for IMC
60 Knots

  • Best Rate of Climb (BROC or Vy)

  • 99% Nr and below

  • VNE for sliding door locked open

74 Knots

  • Minimum airspeed for normal autorotation

  • VNE with floats inflated

  • Approach speed with tail rotor drive system inop

75 Knots
VNE with gear problems
80 Knots

  • Flight with damaged tailrotor

  • VNE with 3300 lbs on cargo hook

90 Knots

  • VNE tail rotor drive system failure

  • PBA needles centered

100-110 knots
VNE in IMC if both pitch or both roll channels in the AFCS are INOP
120 Knots

  • Max Range airspeed

  • VNE with servo system problems

125 Knots
VNE with 20 minutes fuel or less (level attitude)
126 Knots
VNE with gear down
130 Knots
(company standard is 120 Knots)
Cruise speed with severed tail rotor cables(s)
135 Knots

  • VNE Power Off (autorotation)

  • VNE windshield wiper operation

141 Knots
155 Knots
True Airspeed for Max Range above 107% Nr
115 Knots
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