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Periodontal Ligament
the ligament which anchors the tooth in its socket
Lesser omentum
fatty apron that drapes from liver to stomach
Greater Omentum
fatty apron that drapes over stomach small intestine and colon
The epithelium mucosa consists of?
columnar cells and goblet cells
Root Canal
Where the pulp cavity extends into the tooth root
Lamina propria of the mucosa consists of
areolar tissue and lymph nodes
Muscularis mucosa
thin layer of smooth muscle
hepatopancreatic ampula
muscular valve of duck were bile and pancreatic juice goes into the duodenum
Chief cells of the stomach produce
the inactive pepsinogen
Pepsonogen is activated by
HCL in the stomach
growth inhibiting hormone
The enteroendocrine cells secrete
(Great hamburgers Serve Some Cholesterol Really)
Gastrin Histamin Serotonin, somatostatin, cholecystokinin, Renin
What is Intrinisc factor
glycoprotein required for B12 absorbtion
Mucous cells of the stomach secrete
mucus that protects lining of stomach and GI
What are the three sets of salivary glands?
parotid, sublingual, submandibular
Gastric glands contain what 4 types of cells
goblet, parietal, chief cells, endocrine cells
Parietal cells secrete?
HCL and intrinisic factor
All stomach secretions are regulared by
parasympathetic vagus nerve
Gastrin release is stimulated by
the distention of the gastric mucouse by food
increases gastric juice and motility
secretion in children that breaks down lactose
cholecystokinin is the enteroendecrine cell that causes____
the gall bladder to contract
The enzyme pepsin digests what?
The Chief cells are also called
Parietal cells are also called
oxynitic cells
Main function of stomach
Mechanical break down of food
How many sets of tonsils do we have
portion of stomach that is continuous with the duodenum and pyloric sphincter
Stomach Body
mid portion of the stomach continuous with pyloric region
pyloric region
funnel shapped portion of stomach
Muscularis externa of stomach
circular, longitudinal, and smooth muscle layers with plexus in between them
falciform ligament
holds liver to abdominal wall and diaphram
Peritoneal peritoneum
lines the cavity
rhythmic local constrictions of the intestine
_____Can be absorbed without digestion
Pancreatic duct cells produce
Bicarbonate ion
Submucosa consists of
areolar tissue nerves glands
pancreatic duct empties into
During ingestion how is food propelled toward the stomach?
Acinar cells
produces enzymes for digestion via exocrine glands
What are the three phases of digestion
ingestion, mechanical digestion, chemical digestion
which body regions make up alimentary canal
oral cavity, pharnx, esophogas, large and small intestines
Alimentary canal
continues hollow tube extending from mouth to anus.
what is the function of pancreatic duct cells
buffers acidic chyme entering small intestine
gastric pits
gastric glands that make gastric juice
pancreatic duct cells produce
bicarbonate ion
CCK, is made by
intestinal cells
CCK triggers the release of what enzyme?
when pancreatic enzymes start to digest itself
cystic fibrosis
pancreatic problem which causes fluid imbalance and production of thick mucus.
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