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List the 6 levels of organization:
1.) chemical
2.) cellular
3.) tissue
4.) organ
5.) system
6.) organismal
____ are structures that are composed of two or more different types of tissues.
A ____ consists or related organs with a common function.
List the 6 important basic life processes:
1.) Metabolism
2.) Responsiveness
3.) Movement
4.) Growth
5.) Differentiation
6.) Reproduction
____ is the sum of all the chemical processes that occur in the body.
____ is the body's ability to detect and respond to changes.
____ is the development of a cell from an unspecialized to a specialized state.
List the 3 basic components of the feedback system:
1.) receptor- monitors changes and send input to control center
2.) Control center (brain)- evaluates input and generates output commands via nerves and hormones
3.) Effector- recieves output from the control center and produces a response that changes the condition
The ____ feedback system reverses a change in a controlled condition. Keeps us alive

i.e- regulation of BP
The ____ feedback system strengthens or reinforces a change in one of the body's controlled conditions. Makes things worse
i.e.- childbirth and diseases
____ is the serous membranes of the pleural cavities.

(Visceral or Parietal?) pleura clings to the surface of the lungs.
(Visceral or Parietal?) pleura lines the chest wall.
The serous membrane of the abdominal cavity is the ____.
The serous membrane of the pericardial cavity is the ____.
The serous membrane of the pleural cavity is the ____.
List the 5 cell junctions:
1.) Tight
2.) Adherens
3.) Desmosomes
4.) Hemidesmosomes
5.) Gap
____ junctions inhibit the passage of substances between cells and prevent the contents of organs from leaking into the bloodstream or surrounding tissues.

Present in epithelial tissues that line the stomach, intestines, and urinary bladder.
____ junctions resist seperation during various contractile activities, such as when food moves through the intestines.

____ prevent epidermal cells from seperating under tension and cardiac muscle cells from pulling apart during contraction.
____ anchor cells to the basement membrane.
____  junctions allow the cells in a tissue to communicate with one another and enable nerve and muscle impulses to spread rapidly among cells. The transfer of nutrients also takes place through these junctions.
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