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After apposition and immobilization occur, how does a fracture heal
the blood clot is invaded by connective tissue cells called granulation tissue. The osteoblasts produce osteoid and the callus forms and then in mineralized. After healing the spontaneous deformity correction occurs to return the bone to normal shape/size
The amount of spontaneous correction depends on these 5 factors
age of the animal, blood supply of the bone, degree of correction required, presence/absence of infection, amount of damage to tissues
Bone TB is an infection caused by _________ which attacks the ____ and ends of the ______
mycobacterium tuberculosis, spine, long bone
Osteomyelitis is the inflammation of bone and bone marrow that is caused by ______ that enters via blood vessels/wounds
bacteria (staphylococcus/streptococcus)
Osteodystrophy is an abnormality in bone development due to dysfunctional ___ and ___ regulation
calcium and phosphorus
Rickets occurs in young animals and osteomalacia occurs in old animals as a result of inadequate ____
mineralization of osteoid
Achondroplasia is a hereditary condition in which metaphyses fuse early but grow in diameter resulting in
dwarfism ex. dachshund dogs and dwarf cattle
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