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Studies culture, science most related to sociology
Applied sociology
Science of sociology
Social class for those who owned the means for producing wealth in industrial society
Class Conflict
Conflict between those who owned the means for producing wealth in industrial society
Social system based on the collective ownership of property.
Conflict theory
Emphasizes conflict, competition, change, and constraint within a society.
when people in a social group think, feel, and behave in similar ways
an approach that depicts human interaction as a theatrical performance.
Dynamic Equilibrium
a constantly changing balance among the parts
Elements of a society that have negative consequences
Economic determinism
the nature of a society is based on the societies economy.
The study of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.
Feminist theory
A branch of conflict theory, links the lines of women (and men) to the structures of gender relationships within a society.
The idea that a society changes yet maintains most of its original structure over time.
Group Behavior
When like minded individuals come together as a group.
Examines past events in human societies.
Humanist Sociology
Places human needs and goals at the center
Individual Behavior
Behavior based upon ones own thoughts and beliefs
Latent Function
Functions that are unintended and unrecognized at the time
Liberal Feminism
Focuses on equal opportunity for women and heightened public awareness of womens rights.
Liberation Sociology
Objective is to replace human oppression with greater democracy and social justice
The study of groups without regard to interaction of the people involved.
Manifest Function
Functions that are intended and recognized at the time.
Mechanical Solidarity
Social unity that comes from a consensus of values and beliefs, strong social pressures for conformity, and independence on tradition and family.
The study of people as they interact in daily life
Organic Solidarity
Social unity based on a complex of highly socialized roles
Patterned Social Behavior
Common behavior across different areas
Patriarchal Society
A society controlled by males who use their power for prestige and economic advantage to dominate females including their sexuality.
Political Science
The study of the organization, administration, history, and theory of government.
The use of scientific observation and experimentation in the study of social behavior.
The ability to control the behavior of others, even against their will.
Presentation Of Self
An attempt to create a favorable evaluation of ourselves in the minds of others.
Those who labored for the bourgeoisie at subsistance wages.
The study that focuses on the development and function of mental emotion process in human beings.
Radical Feminism
Trace the oppression of women to the fact that societies are dominated.
The use of knowledge, reason, planning, and objectivity.
Social Dynamics
The study of social change
Social Sciences
Science or field of study, such as history, economics, etc. dealing with an aspect of society or forms of social activity.
Social Statics
The study of social stability and order
Social Structure
The patterns of social relationships.
Socialist Feminism
Sees capitalism as a source of female operssion
Sociological Imagination
The set of mind that enables individuals to see the relationship between events in their personal life and society.
Sociological Perspective
Enables a person to see, evaluate, and apply sociological theories and issues in their lives.
The scientific study of social structure
Something chosen to represent something else.
Symbolic Interactionism
The theoretical perspective that focuses on interaction based on mutually understood symbols.
Theoretical Perspective
Functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionalism all working together.
Value-free Research
Research in which personal biases are not allowed to affect the research process and its outcome.
Understanding social behavior by putting oneself in the place of others.
Someone who is supposed to have special knowledge that we do not have.
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