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What is used by the Department and Risk Management to determine sick/injury status and to document an L and I claim?
Physicians Disability Statement (PDS)
When should employee injury report be completed?
before going off shift or within 24 hours of reported injury
When shall the illness//injury leave report be returned to SFD HRO?
in the first mail run following return to duty
Who uses the Self Insurer Accident Form (SIF-2)?
used by city risk management and Labor & Industries
What can be used as a return to duty release from your physician that goes to the HRO?
PDS - physicians disability statement
Members off duty long term must submit a completed PDS to the HRO how often?
Required reports for sick on or off duty?
illness/injury leave report

FLMA if off more than 3 shifts

PDS - if medical treatment sought
Who notifies HRO if member to be off more than three shifts?
The BC
Reports required if member is injured on duty?
illness/injury leave report

Employee injury report

FDM patient care report

FDM firefighter causality report

FMLA - more than 3 shifts

PDS - medical treatment sought

SIF 2 - medical treatment sought

PIR (physicians initial report) - medical treatment sought
Who shall supply the sprinkler system or standpipe with water?
engine company pre-assigned


first due engine
How is a sprinkler system or standpipe supplied?
lay two (2) 2 1/2\" supply lines
Sprinkler operations - regulate pressure so it will not exceed what?
150 psi at the pump
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