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2nd degree type 1

longer... longer. .. longer... drop
1) PR interval prolongs until a QRS is dropped
2) atrial rate higher than ventricular rate
1st degree AV heart block
1) PR interval prolonged (greater than 0.20 seconds)

rate...rhythm...same number of P and QRS
1st degree heat block
2nd degree AV heart block type 1
2nd degree type 2
1) atrial rhythm regular when plotting. no PR interval lengthening. just randomly drops QRS
2nd degree type 2
3rd degree heart block
1) P plot through time regularly
2) QRS plot through time regularly
3) BUT QRS and P waves beat indepentantly of each other so there is no true PR interval
Aas d tsssSsaPSaAAsttff. Happy anniversary for ĥ?3rd degree heart block
summary table
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