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What is PROM
rupture of membranes more than 1 hour before onset of labour
Symptoms of vulvovaginitis (4)
1. Itch
2. Discharge
3. Redness/erythema
4. bleeding
Ddx of vulvovaginitis
Non-specific vulvovaginitis is most common, but also:
  • foreign body
  • candida
  • pinworms
  • polyps
  • tumours
  • trauma 
types of vulvovaginitis (3)
  • candidiasis
  • bacterial vaginosis
  • trichomoniasis
what is symptoms/discharge of candidiasis?
itchy, dysuria, dyspareunia

discharge: white, cottage cheese, minimal
what is symptoms/discharge of bacterial vaginosis
fishy odour (esp. after sex)

grey, thin
what is symptoms/discharge of trichomoniasis?
symptoms- petechiae, tender vulva, dysuria

discharge- yellow/green, malodorous,
diffuse, frothy
what do you see on KOH wetmount for candida versus BV versus trich?
candida- hyphae/spores

BV- clue cells, few WBC, few lactobacilli
(+) Whiff test- Fishy smell after addition of KOH to slide

trich- mobile flagellated organisms, many WBC, many PMN
what is the treatment for candida, BV and trich?
candida- fluconazole (oral) or clotrimazole (topical)

trich/BV- metronidazole 500mg PO BID for 7 days
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