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Four important factors in a child\'s mental development pg 118
1. Heritage and maturity
2.experience relationships
List the four stages of cognitive development
1 1/2 -4 preconceptual
4-7 intuitive
7-11. Concrete
11-15. Formal operations
Definition egocentric
The idea that a child cannot see situations from another persons point of view
Name the four levels of conceptual development pg 119
1.concrete concepts
4. conceptual (formal)
Name the three mechanisms that work together for the enculturalization of a child
1.The presence of others to serve as models
2.imitation of models
3.the reinforcement which comes thtough praise and correction
Name the five processes in the Christian education of children
1. Processes which communicate a sense of belonging
2. Processes which facilitate the imitation of models
3. processes which invite the active participation of children
4. processes which provide instruction as an interpretation of life
5. Processes which encourage the exercise of choice
Name the three primary processes of Christian education of youth
Bible body life
Define elements of the process of the Bible
Be open and transparent
be honest
understand the significance of the Bible for lives
respond to God
in worship
in faith and obedience
Definition of elements of the process for body
Intimately know one another
be transparent
practice one anothering
pray for one another
carry one another\'s burdens
accept and encourage one another
Definition of elements of the process of life
Evaluate the experiences of life
make decisions based on the reality of Scripture
respond in obedience to God
share your testimony with others
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