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Bible Kge1\'s first Note
Bible Kge1\'s first Note
Bible Kge1\'s first Note
How did Adam realize he needed a partner?
As he was naming them, he noticed that all the animals came in pairs, male and female. Yet, as he looked around, he noticed that there wasn‘t a female for him
anthropomorphism...God smelled
Noah built an altar so they could worship God . The Lord smelled the sacrifice and said, [Anthropomorphism] ―Never again...
Why shouldn‘t humans be killed
God to Noah: You may now eat animals as well as plants. But you‘re not to kill people, because they are made in the image of God .
rainbow...Mark in nature
God said to Noah and his family, ―Look into the clouds and see the rainbow . [God‘s provision for protection of his creation. Another mark placed like Cain‘s. That was on his body, this in nature]
Shem, Ham, Japheth. Noah cursed Ham, the father of Canaan... for whose fault?
Ham saw his father lying naked, and went and told his brothers what he had seen. His brothers draped a coat between them and walked backwards into the tent, draping the coat over their father.... Ham went publishing it!
Origin of Babylonians
from Nimrod, son of Cush, son of Ham, son of Noah.
Noah\'s son: Ham (cursed by Noah for seeing his nakedness)
Kingdom of Babel founded by?
Nimrod, a mighty hunter, grandson of Ham (cursed by Noah for seeing his nakedness)
Reason why Nimrod‘s people built the tower of Babel
The people of Babylon realized that their potential was greater if they stayed together. They felt it best not to go throughout the world like God had said.
Reason why there are many languages in the world!
God looked at the tower and said, ―People are disobeying my command. If they stay together, nothing will be impossible for them. Therefore, I‘ll have them talk different languages.
Importance of patriarchy...Lot\'s daughters
Older daughter said to her sister, ―Our father is old, and we have no hope of getting a husband and having children. Therefore, it‘s up to us to preserve our father‘s line for future generations. cf. Abraham and Hagar; Tamar and Judah
Origin of Moabites and Ammonites
Lot\'s children thru his daughters. One said to the other: Let‘s get our father drunk until he no longer knows what he‘s doing. We‘ll then have sex with him.
God\'s name...Two stories
Moses. But before that Jacob asked for his name at Jabbok, failed to get an answer. Gen 32:29
Jacob\'s gesture toward Esau
He bowed seven times
Jacob\'s sons...using circumcision for taking revenge upon Shechem for raping Dinah
Jacob‘s sons plan to revenge. They said, ―We can‘t give you our women because your men aren‘t circumcised....Simeon and Levi killed them all on third day while they were still in pain
Descendants of Joshua and Caleb
Caleb was from the tribe of Judah; Joshua from the tribe of Ephraim. Mark how these tribes eventually became enemies. Cf the Southern and Northern kingdoms: Num 13:6, 8]
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