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Autism: 2 months
Symbiosis: 2-5 months
Differentiation: 5-10 months
Practicing 10-18 months 
Rapproachement: 18-24 months
Object Constancy : 2-5 years

Symbiosis: mom-baby is 1 entity
infant recognizes aspect of outer world

Differentiation: recognizes physical and psychological distinctiveness of mother; Stranger Anxiety Develops
Practicing: move autonomously and explore environment

Rapprochment: independence and need to return to mother; terrible twos; awareness of vulnerability

Object Constancy: able to retain permanence of mothering even when separated.
Dream remembered on wakening
Manifest Dream
group is less afraid to reveal individual differences so they can participate in experiential learning
Stroop Test
name the colors in which the series of words are printed
Primary Process thinking
mentation focused on drives and wish fulfillment
Little Hans
Freud - Phobia
Fixed Ratio vs Fixed Interval
Fixed Ratio: 1 dollar every 3 trips
Fixed Interval: 1 dollar 5 minutes after 1 trip
philosophical basis for clinical ethics
% having personality disorder
Object relations

Object RElations: Klein

SElf object: Kohut
what age to diagnosis pedophilia
victim - 13
perpretator: over 16, over 5 years older than victim; more than late adoelscence
Epigenetic principle - who?
Erik Erikson
life is in stages that need to be completed
Benton Visual Retention Test:
Weshler Memory Scale:
Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test
BVRT: presented with figure, draw from memory 10 seconds later - short term memory test
WMS: most widely used
BVMGT: test of coordination, testing maturation levels
Oepdial Stage is which in Frued?
self-sufficiency in kids
x of y cards