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In a dispute between two physicians the primary role of the CEO is to ...
request that the appropriate chief(s) of service to investigate and report back.
Environmental changes, including shifts in public attituees, community helath needs, provider practices and actions of competing institutions, may alter healthcare institution's direction.  Healthcare executives could be forced to...
scrutinize all new ventures from a variety of perspectives, including financial, environmental, ethical and quality of care.
Communities are an important management ool primarily because:
They provide a mechanism for reconciling differing opinions and facilitating decision making.
Which one of the following classifications of financial ratios would be most useful as a guide to long-range financial viability of an organization in undertaking facility replacement?
Leveraging Ratios.
What are profitability ratios?
DEFINITION of 'Profitability Ratios' A class of financial metrics that are used to assess a business's ability to generate earnings as compared to its expenses and other relevant costs incurred during a specific period of time.
What are liquidity ratios?
DEFINITION of 'Liquidity Ratios' A class of financial metrics that is used to determine a company's ability to pay off its short-terms debts obligations. Generally, the higher the value of the ratio, the larger the margin of safety that the company possesses to cover short-term debts.
The primary purpose of the quality assurance/risk management program is to:
Monitor, control and direct the insitution's efforts toward achieving delivery of the optimal level of care.
The administrator's relationship with the board of directors should be on in which the administrator....
draws upon skills of board members in facilitating appropriate descussion and decision making.
In consultation with the board, the administrator has decided that an effort must be made to increase the level of involvement among management personnel in quality assessment and assurance.  Which one of the follwoign options is most likely to achieve the desired results?
Develop an in-house program using trained key personnel for presenting and discussing quality assurance and its implications for the organization.
A healthcare facility can best meet is social and economic goals by....
developing a realiztic and coordinated approach to ling-range planning.
The governing body of a healthcare insitituion meets its responsibility for the quality of patient care by....
establishing, maintaining and supporting through the medical/professional staff and management staff an ongoing program of review and evaluation of patient/client care and action on findings.
With growing frequency, employees who have been dismissed are resorting to lawsuits for redress.  In such cases teh court may find in favor of the planitiff if the employer dismissed that plaintiff...
without cause.
The evaluation of senior managment is best administered...
when criteria are extablished and known to both parties.
Investor owned healthcare systems are usually distinct from not-for-profit systems because:
Investor owned healthcare systems consolidate balance sheets
To survive the turbulent and revolutionary changes facing the healthcare field, executives must manage internal, external and interfactr stakeholders better.  To do so thos eexecutives must:
establish goals for the relationships with current and potential stakeholders as part of ane ffective strategic management process.
After determining our own management strengths and weaknesses the mose effective mthod for follow up is to...
create a developmental plan with goals and time frames.
The major purpose of the code of ethics for members fo healthcare executives association is to:
set for standards of eithcal behaviour for healthcare executives.
In the planning of construction, modernization and alteration programs, fixed equipment is...
usually included as part of the construction contract.
For the routine service cost center, an increase in the number of patient days over the budgeted number of patient days will result in
A lower average cost per patient day.
Which of the following balance sheet items would differ between a for profit and a not for profit healthcare organization?
Retained earnings
Which of hte following leadership actions most clearly supports organizational transformation toward total quality management?
Convening and chairing the Quality Council.
In the healthcare field, the accountability of management is best measured by the:
Balance maintained between service quality and operational efficiency.
Consumer "report card" development and distribution has become a high priority for managed care organizations because:
Purchasers are pressuring for disclosure of meaningful performance information for use by buyers and consumers.
Which of the following is not required for managing strategic adaption?
Vertical and horizontal integration with out of area providers.
What is an important advantage of physician participation in Independent Practice Associations, (IPAs), vs other affiliation arrangements with HMOs?
Physicians participating in IPAs can limit their dependence on any single HMO.
The point of service product is the fastest growing managed care product in the comtemporary marketplace because:
It allows consumers to place a direct value on how important provider choice is to them.
The agency normally responsible for regulation of the financial solvency and subsecrier regulations of HMOs is the...
State insurance commission/department.
Many hosptials develop affiliations with college-based nursing education programs to...
Improve access to qualified graduates.
The primary components of a health care organizations mossion statement include:
The community service and services provided.
The cirtical-incidents technique of employee perforamnce apprasail  requires raters to:
Record behaviors of employees that are related to bothe good and poor performance.
A key role for any governing board is:
Recruiting and evaluating the chief executive officer.
One of the major elements of an information system strategic lan includes the :
Software development plan
Selection of an inforatmion system in a healthcare organization should begin with
Development of an inforamtion systems plan that supports the organizations's existing strategic ojectives.
Which of the following does not accurately describe pateint management guideliens?  Patient management guidelines:
Specify actions which deliberately constrain doctors' judgments based on individual patients.
Large gifts to not for profit, (tax exempt), health services organiztions do not suggest a conflict of interest, whereas a large gift to a manager of such an organization is likely to be ethically unacceptable.  the difference is that...
No direct individual relationship is established by giving to the organziation.
in general. it si believed that when preliminary research fidnings show that an experimental therapy es effective the experimental therapy should be provided to the control group because:
It is unethical to deny someone potentially beneficial therapies.
What is financial accounting?
Financial accounting identifies, measures, records and communicates in dollar terms the economic events and status of an organization.
What is GAAP?
Generally accepted accounting practices
What are the accounting methods?
Cash Accounting
Accrual Accounting
What is the second major accounting statement?
Balance Sheet
What is the purpose of the statement of operation?
Present the operating results over a period of time
Balance Sheet=
Current Assets
What is the purpose of the balance sheet?
What are the three major sections of the balance sheet?
What is accumulated depreciation and how does it relate to statement of operations?
How does the balanc esheet relate to the statement of operations?
What methods of payment are the most preferable and the least preferable to the provider's point of view?
Charges and Capitation
As to the Manage Care Continuum for the least control to the most control whic of the folloing orders is correct?
Managed Intemnity
Service Plans
Closed Panel HMOs
Of the four design characteristics of budgeting which characteristic integrates budgets into one document?
a. Incremental vs. Zero Based Budgeting
b. comprehensive vs. Limited in scope budgeting.
c.  Fixed vs Fkexible Budgeting
d. Descrete vs contiuous Budgeting.

answer B:  comprehensive budgeting integrates all the budgets into one document.
What is the correct order of stages for accomplishing organizational change?
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