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the theory of stratification
unequal acess
strata is a greek word for meaning
predudice and discrimination based on a person's age is called
max weber
theorized that social classs was represented  by more than just wealth
functionalist theory 
the theorectical orientation that explains stratification as being determined by one's motivation and merit
a second shift  wife refers to
the double burden of work and home duties
the first to study social deviance
from a conflict theory perpective an act is considered deviant based on
cultural context,interpretation,point in history
he studied the long term effects of labeling a person as deviant
this is not considered an agent of social control
travis hirschi
control theory sugessted this theory explained juvenile delinquency
cultural transmission theory
suggests that deviance is learned through social interaction with other deviance
organized crime
is the type of crime that operates like a structured bureaucratic business enterprise
an act that would be considered deviant in america, but not deviant in other countries
eating certain animals,children drinking wine at dinner,cutting off the hand of a thief
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