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Network of trained professional linked to provide advanced, out-of-hospital care for a victims of sudden traumatic injury or illness.
EMS System
refers to your contractual or legal obligation to provide care
duty to act
when you either fail to act or act inapproiately
Breach of duty
Care that you are expected to provide to the same patient under the same conditions as would any criminal justice first aid provider who received the same level of training
Standerd of care
Protects a civilian first aid provider from liability for medical care performed in good faith or medical care similar to the expected of another first aid provider with equal training
Good samaritan Act
when you stop providing care without ensuring that the patient continues or begins to receive the same it better care
Negligence occurs when?
1) duty to act 2) breach of standard of care 3) causation 4) damages
consent that is clearly & unmistakably stated
expressed consent
consent inferred from ones conduct rather than from ones direct expression
implied consent
a person agreement to allow something to happen made with fulll knowledge of the risk involved & the alternatives
informed consent
Do not Resuscitate order
documents the patients request to withhold specific medical care.
advanced directive
a jewelry or card you may find a telephone # to call for details information about a patients
medic alert
what does HIPAA stand for????
health insurance portability & accountability
protects the rights of patients & the release of the patient info
CDC stand for???
center for disease control & prevention
a set of procedures designed to prevent transmission of human immunodeficiency virus , hepatitis B virus, & other bloodborne pathogens to first aid or health care provider
universal precautions
what does BSI stand for ???
Body substance isolation
what for PPE stand for????
personal protection equipment
what does MRSA STAND FOR?
an infected person who coughs or sneezes into the air, in a confined space can transmits what???
airborne diseases
what does hiv stands for???
Human Immunodeficiency Virus
a bloodborne virus that attacks the immune system
what does STD stands for??
sexually transmitted diseases
the supporting framework for the body giving it shape & protecting vital organ
skeletal system
the upper leg consists of the longest strongest bonein the human body
gives the body shape, protects internal organs, & provides body movement
muscular system
muscles used for deliberate acts such as chewing, bending, lifting, & running
voluntary muscles
smooth muscles carry out many automatic body function
involuntary muscles
works constantly to expand & contract the heart
cardiac muscles
controls the voluntary & involuntary body activity
nervous system
located in the brain & in the spinal cord. its components are the bodys mainframe computer. where all communication & control originate
central nervous system
nerves that connect to the spinal cord & branch out to every other part of the body
peripheral nervous system
delivers oxygen to removes carbon dioxide from the blood
pumps blood throughout the body
circulatory system
has two main: ingesting & digesting food, digesting food & nutrients
digestive system
serves as the protective covering for the inside of the body
when a patient is in immediate danger or the patients location prevents providing care to that patient or another patient
emergency move
help maintain an open airway if the patient becomes assented or vomit & may prevent positional asphyxia
recovery position
the placement of a body in a position that interferes with the ability to breathe
positional asphyxia
what does MCI stand for
multiple casualty incident
incident that involve more than one victim
term given to sorting & classifying patients
what does start start stands for
simple triage & rapid treatment
the failure of the heart & blood vessels to maintain enough oxygen rich blood flowing to the vital organs of the body
a decreasing amount of blood or fluids in the body causes
hypovolemic (low volume) shock
an abnormal enlargement of the blood vessels causes what??? it also caused by brain or spinal cord injury
neurogenic shock
shock like condition... produced by excessive fear, joy, anger, or grief.
psychogenic shock
what does PTSS stand for???
post traumatic stress syndrome
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