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Two main parts of a long bone
the diaphysis and the epiphysis
the shaft or the long middle part of a long bone
the end on each side of a long bone
when two or more bones meet together

*Also called: articulations
what bone is comprised of
periosteum, compact bone, cancellous bone("spongy bone"), endosteum and bone marrow
outermost layer of the bone

the hard layer that you can see on the bone

made up of fibrous tissue
compact bone
found under the periosteum and made up of hard layers of bone tissue
cancellous bone "spongy bone"
bone containing little spaces that look like a sponge

found inside layers of the compact bone
membrane that lines the hollow cavity of a bone
bone marrow
found in the cavities of bones

two types: red bone marrow and yellow marrow
red bone marrow
thick material where blood cell are formed

found in flat bones and ends in the long bones
yellow marrow
a softer, fatty material

found in the medullary cavity, or the inner part, of long bones
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