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A software developer utilizes cryptographic functions to generate codes that verify message integrity. Due to the nature if the data that is being sent back and forth from the client application to the server, the developer would like to change the cryptographic function to one that verities both authentication and message integrity. Which of the following algorithms should the software developer utilize? A. HMAC B. SHA C. Two Fish D. RIPEMD
1 A
When designing a corporate NAC solution, which of the following is the MOST relevant integration issue? A. Infrastructure time sync B. End user mobility C. 802.1X supplicant compatibility D. Network Latency E. Network Zoning
2 D
Which of the following access methods uses radio frequency waves for authentication? A. Video surveillance B. Mantraps C. Proximity readers D. Biometrics
3 C
Which of the following authentication methods can use the SCTP and TLS protocols for reliable packet transmissions? A. TACACS+ B. SAML C. Diameter D. Kerberos
4 C
Which of the following authentication protocols makes use of UDP for its services? A. RADIUS B. TACACS+ C. LDAP D. XTACACS
5 A
Which of the following is considered a risk management BEST practice of succession planning? A. Reducing risk of critical information being known to an individual person who may leave the organization B. Implementing company-wide disaster recovery and business continuity plans C. Providing career advancement opportunities to junior staff which reduces the possibility of insider threats D. Considering departmental risk management practices in place of company-wide practices
6 B
Which of the following is the BEST technology for the sender to use in order to secure the in-band exchange of a shared key? A. Steganography B. Hashing algorithm C. Asymmetric cryptography D. Steam cipher
7 C
Which of the following design components is used to isolate network devices such as web servers? A. VLAN B. VPN C. NAT D. DMZ
8 D
Which of the following is MOST critical in protecting control systems that cannot be regularly patched? A. Asset inventory B. Full disk encryption C. Vulnerability scanning D. Network segmentation
9 D
Identifying residual is MOST important to which of the following concepts? A. Risk deterrence B. Risk acceptance C. Risk mitigation D. Risk avoidance
10 B
Which of the following steps of incident response does a team analyze the incident and determine steps to prevent a future occurrence? A. Mitigation B. Identification C. Preparation D. Lessons learned
11 D
A technician wants to secure communication to the corporate web portal, which is currently using HTTP. Which of the following is the FIRST step the technician should take? A. Send the server's public key to the CA B. Install the CA certificate on the server C. Import the certificate revocation list into the server D. Generate a certificate request from the server
12 D
An organization has a need for security control that identifies when an organizational system has been unplugged and a rouge system has been plugged in. The security control must also provide the ability to supply automated notifications. Which of the following would allow the organization to BEST meet this business requirement? A. MAC filtering B. ACL C. SNMP D. Port security
13 D
Internet banking customers currently use an account number and password to access their online accounts. The bank wants to improve security on high value transfers by implementing a system which call users back on a mobile phone to authenticate the transaction with voice verification. Which of the following authentication factors are being used by the bank? A. Something you know, something you do, and something you have B. Something you do, somewhere you are, and something you have C. Something you are, something you do and something you know D. Something you have, something you are, and something you know
14 A
A security administrator has concerns that employees are installing unapproved applications on their company provide smartphones. Which of the following would BEST mitigate this? A. Implement remote wiping user acceptance policies B. Disable removable storage capabilities C. Implement an application whitelist D. Disable the built-in web browsers
15 C
The security manager must store a copy of a sensitive document and needs to verify at a later point that the document has not been altered. Which of the following will accomplish the security manager's objective? A. RSA B. AES C. MD5 D. SHA
16 A
A security administrator at the Operations Center was scanning a subnet for infections and found a contaminated machine. One of the administrators disabled the switch port that the machine was connected to, and informed a local technician of the infection. Which of the following steps did the administrator perform? A. Escalation B. Identification C. Notification D. Quarantine E. Preparation
17 BD
A security administrator wants to block unauthorized access to a web server using a locally installed software program. Which of the following should the administrator deploy? A. NIDS B. HIPS C. NIPS D. HIDS
18 B
A network administrator has identified port 21 being open and the lack of an IDS as a potential risk to the company. Due to budget constraints, FTP is the only option that the company can is to transfer data and network equipment cannot be purchased. Which of the following is this known as? A. Risk transference B. Risk deterrence C. Risk acceptance D. Risk avoidance
19 C
A security administrator is investigating a recent server breach. The breach occurred as a result of a zero-day attack against a user program running on the server. Which of the following logs should the administrator search for information regarding the breach? A. Application log B. Setup log C. Authentication log D. System log
20 A
A user attempts to install new and relatively unknown software recommended by a colleague. The user is unable to install the program, despite having successfully installed other programs previously. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause for the user's inability to complete the installation? A. Application black listing B. Network Intrusion Prevention System C. Group policy D. Application white listing
21 A
A system administrator is configuring shared secrets on servers and clients. Which of the following authentication services is being deployed by the administrator? (Select two.) A. Kerberos B. RADIUS C. TACACS+ D. LDAP E. Secure LDAP
22 BC
The finance department just procured a software application that needs to communicate back to the vendor server via SSL. Which of the following default ports on the firewall must the security engineer open to accomplish this task? A. 80 B. 130 C. 443 D. 3389
23 C
After an audit, it was discovered that an account was not disabled in a timely manner after an employee has departed from the organization. Which of the following did the organization fail to properly implement? A. Routine account audits B. Account management processes C. Change management processes D. User rights and permission reviews
24 A
The Chief Security Officer (CSO) for a datacenter in a hostile environment is concerned about protecting the facility from car bomb attacks. Which of the following BEST would protect the building from this threat? (Select two.) A. Dogs B. Fencing C. CCTV D. Guards E. Bollards F. Lighting
25 BE
Users can authenticate to a company's web applications using their credentials form a popular social media site. Which of the following poses the greatest risk with this integration? A. Malicious users can exploit local corporate credentials with their social media credentials B. Changes to passwords on the social media site can be delayed from replicating to the company C. Data loss from the corporate servers can create legal liabilities with the social media site D. Password breaches to the social media affect the company application as well
26 D
A corporation has experienced several media leaks of proprietary data on various web forums. The posts were made during business hours and it is believed that the culprit is posting during work hours from a corporate machine. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) wants to scan internet traffic and keep records for later use in legal proceedings once the culprit is found. Which of the following provides the BEST solution? A. Protocol analyzer B. NIPS C. Proxy server D. HIDS
27 A
The security administrator runs an rpm verify command which records the MD5 sum, permissions, and timestamp of each file on the system. The administrator saves this information to a separate server. Which of the following describes the procedure the administrator has performed? A. Host software base-lining B. File snapshot collection C. TPM D. ROMDB verification
28 A
Users are trying to communicate with a network but are unable to do so. A network administrator sees connection attempts on port 20 from outside IP addresses that are being blocked. How can the administrator resolve this? A. Enable stateful FTP on the firewall B. Enable inbound SSH connections C. Enable NETBIOS connections in the firewall D. Enable HTTPS on port 20
29 A
In order to enter a high-security datacenter, users are required to speak the password into a voice recognition system. Ann a member if the sales department over hears the password and upon speaks it into the system. The system denies her entry and alerts the security team. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for her failure to enter the data center? A. An authentication factor B. Discretionary access C. Time of day restrictions D. Least privilege restrictions
30 A
Given the following list of corporate access points, which of the following attacks is MOST likely underway if the company wireless network uses the same wireless hardware throughout? MACSID 00:01:AB:FA:CD:34 Corporate AP 00:01:AB:FA:CD:35 Corporate AP 00:01:AB:FA:CD:36 Corporate AP 00:01:AB:FA:CD:37 Corporate AP 00:01:AB:FA:CD:34 Corporate AP A. Packet sniffing B. Evil Twin C. WPS attack D. Rogue access point
31 B
A system administrator has noticed network performance issues and wants to gather performance data from the gateway router. Which of the following can be used to perform this action? A. SMTP B. iSCSI C. SNMP D. IPSec
32 C
Which of the following technologies was developed to allow companies to use less-expensive storage while still maintaining the speed and redundancy required in a business environment? A. RAID B. Tape Backup C. Load Balancing D. Clustering
33 A
An employee needs to connect to a server using a secure protocol on the default port. Which of the following ports should be used? A. 21 B. 22 C. 80 D. 110
34 B
Which of the following is replayed during wireless authentication to exploit a weal key infrastructure? A. Preshared keys B. Ticket exchange C. Initialization vectors D. Certificate exchange
35 C
A new security policy being implemented requires all email within the organization be digitally signed by the author using PGP. Which of the following would needs to be created for each user? A. A certificate authority B. A key escrow C. A trusted key D. A public and private key
36 D
Which of the following authentication provides users XML for authorization and authentication? A. Kerberos B. LDAP C. RADIUS D. SAML
37 D
A company wants to prevent end users from plugging unapproved smartphones into PCs and transferring data. Which of the following would be the BEST control to implement? A. MDM B. IDS C. DLP D. HIPS
38 C
The pre-sales engineering team needs to quickly provide accurate and up-to-date information to potential clients. This information includes design specifications and engineering data that is developed and stored using numerous applications across the enterprise. Which of the following authentication technique is MOST appropriate? A. Common access cards B. TOTP C. Single sign-on D. HOTP
39 C
A network engineer is configuring a VPN tunnel connecting a company's network to a business partner. Which of the following protocols should be used for key exchange? A. SHA-1 B. RC4 C. Blowfish D. Diffie-Hellman
40 D
Which of the following types of cloud computing would be MOST appropriate if an organization required complete control of the environment? A. Hybrid Cloud B. Private cloud C. Community cloud D. Community cloud E. Public cloud
41 B
The database server used by the payroll system crashed at 3 PM and payroll is due at 5 PM. Which of the following metrics is MOST important is this instance? A. ARO B. SLE C. MTTR D. MTBF
42 C
Which of the following is an attack designed to activate based on time? A. Logic Bomb B. Backdoor C. Trojan D. Rootkit
43 A
A network security engineer notices unusual traffic on the network from a single IP attempting to access systems on port 23. Port 23 is not used anywhere on the network. Which of the following should the engineer do to harden the network from this type of intrusion in the future? A. Disable unnecessary services on servers B. Disable unused accounts on servers and network devices C. Implement password requirements on servers and network devices D. Enable auditing on event logs
44 A
Which of the following documents outlines the responsibility of both participants in an agreement between two organizations? A. RFC B. MOU C. RFQ D. SLA
45 B
Users in the HR department were recently informed that they need to implement a user training and awareness program which is tailored to their department. Which of the following types of training would be the MOST appropriate for this department? A. Handing PII B. Risk mitigation C. Input validation D. Hashing
46 A
Which of the following incident response plan steps would MOST likely engaging business professionals with the security team to discuss changes to existing procedures? A. Recovery B. Incident identification C. Isolation / quarantine D. Lessons learned E. Reporting
47 D
A company is starting to allow employees to use their own personal devices without centralized management. Employees must contract IT to have their devices configured to use corporate email; access is also available to the corporate cloud-based services. Which of the following is the BEST policy to implement under these circumstances? A. Acceptable use policy B. Security policy C. Group policy D. Business Agreement policy
48 A
Which of the following BEST explains Platform as a Service? A. An external entity that provides a physical or virtual instance of an installed operating system B. A third party vendor supplying support services to maintain physical platforms and servers C. An external group providing operating systems installed on virtual servers with web applications D. An internal group providing physical server instances without installed operating systems or support
49 C
One of the senior managers at a company called the help desk to report to report a problem. The manager could no longer access data on a laptop equipped with FDE. The manager requested that the FDE be removed and the laptop restored from a backup. The help desk informed the manager that the recommended solution was to decrypt the hard drive prior to reinstallation and recovery. The senior manager did not have a copy of the private key associated with the FDE on the laptop. Which of the following tools or techniques did the help desk use to avoid losing the data on the laptop? A. Public key B. Recovery agent C. Registration details D. Trust Model
50 B
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