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first step for oral suctioning technique
assess patient need for oral suctioning
what equipment needs to be gathered and checked
set up suction canister and regulator
check suction pressure
open suction kit
set up and fill basin with sterile water
open lub
attach tubing to catheter check system
lub catheter
after assembling all the equipment is done for open suction what do you do next
pre oxygening the patient
after pre oxygenating the patient you should
insert the catheter until resistence is met
after resistence is met u back it up a little then
apply suction while withdrawing the catheter
after suctioning with the catheter you should
re oxygenationate and hyperinflate and reasses need for additional suctioning
after the suctioning
monitor and assess the outcome while maintaining sterile technique throughout procedure
in the end of a open suctioning procedure make sure to
in the beginning of an nasal pharyngeal airway you should
determined the proper length by measuring the tip of the nose to the earlobe
after determining the proper length needed you need to
lub the airway
insert the nasal pharyngeal airway until its
resting on the edge of the nares, or resistance is met, withdraw and reattempt
if resistance is still being met
withdraw and try other nostril
when starting a oral pharyngeal airway you must determine proper length by measuring
the lip to the jaw
after determining length
open the mouth with the cross finger technique
insert the airway
upside down and rotate it 180 degrees
in the beginning of oral intubation you must
assemble and check equipment
what equipment is needed
Esophageal detectors
Suction equipment:
suction system
Oxygen equipment:
Manuel resuscitator
Airway equipment:
ET tubes
laryngoscope (check bulb)
prep the ET tube by
inserting the stylet
check cuff
then how should the patient be positioned
sniffing with head elevated above the shoulders
what monitering devices should be used
Esophageal detectors
pulse ox
after patient is postioned
pre oxygenate patient
insert the
displace the
ET tube
assess tube position by
listening chest for bilateral breath sounds then stabilize and confirm placement
how to assess a difficult airway
Look Externally
Evaluate 3-3-2
Mallampati Scale
Neck Mobility
where is the trach cut
inbetween the 2nd and 3rd tracheal rings
when ready to extubate a patient assess readiness to extubate by preforming
a cuff leak test
then assemble the equipment
wet cloth
suction equipment
jet aerosol with large bore tubing
after assembling the equipment you must suction
above (yankaeur) and below (close suctioning)
then you must
hyperoxygenate the patient
ET tube holding device
deflate the
remove the tubing on
peak inspiration
after removing the tubing apply appropriate
humidification and O2
assess and
reasses the patient
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