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how is Reynolds number calculated
range of FiO2 for simple mask
the energy possessed by a body by virtue of its position relative to others stressed within itself
potential energy
the degree of competitiveness of a substance
the pressure of the gas hitting each other cause of liquid medication to turn into smaller particles
Venturi principle
three types of thermometers
- Mercury
- electrical
- thermistor
conversion equation for Fahrenheit to Celsius
the pressure of a fluid decreases as the speed of the fluid increases
Bernoulli principle
the law that deals with when pressure is constant the volume of gas varies with the temperature of gas
Charles law
the law that when volume is constant pressure varies depending on the temperature of the gas
Gay-Lussac\'s law
the law that combine Boyle and Charles law
combined gas law
the only state with a defined volume but no fixed shape
safty relief valve operates on the principle that as the pressure in a cylinder increases, the temperature of the gas increases
fusible plug relief valve
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