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what is the only tissue type that has polarity
epithelial tissue
secrete their product by exostosis
merocrine glands
what stands tension exerted in many directions, provides structural strength
dense connective tissue; dense irregular
multicellular exocrine glands have two basic parts:
- an epithelium duct
-a secretory unit (acinus)
- important for secretion and absorption
- forms the wall of the smallest ducts of glands and many kidney tubules
simple cuboidal epithelium
supplied by nerve fibers
except for - epithelium cells fit closely together
glandular epithelia
a sheet of cells that covers a body surface or lines a body cavity, boundaries between different environments
Epithelial tissue
where could you find cartilage: elastic
supports the external ear
maintains the shape of a structure while allowing great flexibility
cartilage: elastic
what is another name for skeletal muscle cells
muscle fibers
a ciliated version containing mucus secretes goblet cells into the respiratory tract
pseudostratified columnar epithelium
dips into enlarge the opening cavities of the urogenital digestive and respiratory system
epithelial tissue
only severe destructive infections lead to clot formation or -
provides reserve food fuel
insulates against heat loss
supports and protects organs
loose connective tissue adipose
where could you find Loose connective tissue, reticular
lymphoid organs: lymph nodes bone marrow and spleen
3 steps of tissue repair
- inflammation sets
- organization restores the blood supply
- regeneration and fibrosis affect permanent repair
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