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MUSCLE: Hip flexion
MUSCLE: Knee extension
MUSCLE: Knee flexion
Hamstrings (semitendinosus; semimembranosus; biceps femoris)
MUSCLE: Leg abduction
Gluteus medius; Gluteus minimus; Tensor fasciae latae
MUSCLE: Leg adduction
Obturator externus; Adductor longus; Adductor brevis; Adductor magnus; Gracilis
MUSCLE: Toe dorsiflexion
Extensor hallucis longus; Extensor digitorum longus
MUSCLE: Foot dorsiflexion
Tibialis anterior
MUSCLE: Foot plantarflexion
Triceps surae (Gastrocnemius; Soleus)
MUSCLE: Foot eversion
Peroneus longus; Peroneus brevis
MUSCLE: Foot inversion
Tibialis posterior
NERVE: Hip flexion
Femoral nerve and L1-L3 nerve roots
NERVE: Knee extension
Femoral nerve
NERVE: Knee flexion
Sciatic nerve
NERVE: Leg abduction
Superior gluteal nerve
NERVE: Leg adduction
Obturator nerve
NERVE: Toe dorsiflexion
Deep peroneal nerve
NERVE: Foot dorsiflexion
Deep peroneal nerve
NERVE: Foot plantarflexion
Tibial nerve
NERVE: Foot eversion
Superficial peroneal nerve
NERVE: Foot inversion
Tibial nerve
NERVE ROOTS: Hip flexion
L1 L2 L3* L4
NERVE ROOTS: Knee extension
L2 L3* L4*
NERVE ROOTS: Knee flexion
L5 S1* S2
NERVE ROOTS: Leg abduction
L4* L5* S1
NERVE ROOTS: Leg adduction
L2* L3* L4
NERVE ROOTS: Toe dorsiflexion
L5* S1
NERVE ROOTS: Foot dorsiflexion
L4 L5
NERVE ROOTS: Foot plantarflexion
S1 S2
NERVE ROOTS: Foot eversion
L5 S1
NERVE ROOTS: Foot inversion
L4 L5
Primary movements of L2-L3
Thigh adduction and external rotation
Primary movements of L3
Hip flexion (iliopsoas)
Primary movements of L3-L4
Knee extension
Primary movements of L4-L5
Thigh abduction and internal rotation (glut medius/ minimus; tensor fasciae latae); Thigh Extension (gluteus maximus)
Primary movements of L5
Foot dorsiflexion; foot inversion
Primary movements of S1
Knee flexion
Primary movements of S1-S2
Foot plantarflexion; toe flexion
Movements of femoral nerve
Hip flexion; Knee extension
Movements of Obturator nerve
Thigh adduction and external rotation
Movements of Sciatic nerve
Knee flexion; Hip extension
Movements of tibial nerve
Movments of superficial peroneal nerve
Plantarflexion and foot eversion
Movements of deep peroneal nerve
Dorsiflexion; foot inversion; Toe extension (including big toe)
Movements of superior gluteal nerve
High abduction and internal rotation
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