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Thermal equilibrium
When objects do not exchange energy between one another.
Zeroth law of thermodynamics
When objects A and B are separately in thermal equilibrium with C, then A and B are in thermal equilibrium with each other.
Proportion between length and temperature of an object.
Proportion between volume and temperature of an object.
Proportionality constant for length and volume. Units.
α = average coefficient for a material's linear expansion. °C^(-1) β = same, but for volume. °C^(-1)
Relationship between α and β.
Ideal gas equation of state.
n in equation of state.
Number of moles of gas.
Universal gas constant.
R = 8.314 J/mol*K
State at which a real gas behaves as an ideal gas.
Low density
Avogadro's number, number of atoms in a mole. N_A=6.0221415*10^23
Relationship between Fahrenheit scale and Celsius scale.
T_F = 9/5 T_C + 32
Boltzmann's constant
k_B = R/N_A = 1.38*10^(-23) J/K
Thermodynamic variables of and ideal gas.
P, V, T
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