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A status attained by effort.
Achieved Status
A status determined at birth.
Ascribed Status
The body of beliefs that are common to a community or society and that give people a sense of belonging.
Collective Consciousness
Interaction occurring when two or more persons share a virtual reality experience via electronic communication and interaction with each other.
Cyberspace Interaction
The systematic interrelation of different tasks that develops in complex societies.
Division of Labor
The belief that one's in-group is superior to all out-groups.
A mathematical theory that regards human interaction as a game, thus characterized by strategies, rewards, and punishments and winners and losers.
Game Theory
German for community, a state characterized by a sense of common feeling among the members of a society, including strong personal ties, sturdy primary group memberships, and a sense of personal loyalty to one another; associated with rural life.
A collection of individuals who interact and communicate, share goals and norms, and who have a subjective awareness as "we".
A process by which people attempt to control how others perceive them.
Impression Management
A process whereby a newly hatched or newborn member of a species attaches itself to the first object "seen" by it, whether it is the mother or not, and whether it is an animal, human, or physical object.
Analysis of the whole society, how it is organized and how it changes.
Some characteristic of a person that overrides all other features of the person's identity.
Master Status
Unity based on similarity, not difference or roles.
Mechanical Solidarity
Analysis of the smallest, most immediately visible parts of social life, such as people interacting.
Communication by means other than speech, as by touch, gestures, use of distance, eye movements, and so on.
Nonverbal Communication
Unity based on role differentiation, not similarity.
Organic Solidarity
A society economically dependent upon the production and distribution of services, information, and knowledge.
Postindustrial Society
One that directly uses, modifies, and/or tills the land as a major means of survival.
Preindustrial Society
Meaning conveyed by the amount of space between interacting individuals.
Proxemic Communication
Behavior others expect from a person associated with a particular status.
Two or more roles associated with contradictory expectations.
Role Conflict
Imitation of the behavior of an admired other.
Role Modeling
All roles occupied by a person at a given time.
Role Set
Conflicting expectations within the same role.
Role Strain
An established and organized system of social behavior with recognized purpose.
Social Institution
Behavior between two or more people that is given meaning.
Social Interaction
The order established in social groups.
Social Organization
The patterns of social relationships and social institutions that make up society.
Social Structure
A system of social interaction that includes both culture and social organization.
An established position in a social structure that carries with it a degree of prestige.
Exists when the different statuses occupied by the individual bring with them significantly different amounts of prestige.
Status Inconsistency
The complete set of statuses occupied by a person at a given time.
Status Set
Patterns of touch, influenced by gender, that express emotional support, asset power, or express sexual interest.
Tactile Communication
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