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Possession of Marijuana requires what amount?
any usebale amount
Deliver means...
transfer a controlled substance to another person
The physical dependence on a drug, which includes tolerance and withdrawal...
The state of psychological or physical dependence, or both, which results from chronic, periodic or continuous use of drugs...
The psychological desire to repeat thuse of a drug, intermittently or continuously, because of emotional reasons...
The botanical name for Marijuana is...
canabis sativa L
Felony possession of Marijuana requires...
over 4 ounces
Actual care, custody of management or control, is...
What is required to be on a prescription drug label?
name, address of patient, address of issuing Dr., name and strength of the drug, date of issue, direction for use, federal drug enforcement number, phone number of Dr. ALL THE ABOVE BITCH
A drug is listed in schedules I thru V, or penalty groups 1 thru 4 is a...
controlled substance
A drug unsafe for self medication and not included in schedules I thru V or penalty groups 1 thru 4, is a...
dangerous drug
What is marijuana?
the plant canabis sativa L
Which of these is not marijuana? a. stalk of the canabis sativa L plant b. oil & cake made from the seed and plant c. resin extract from the canabis sativa L plant d. all the above
d. all the above NIGGER
Felony delivery of marijuana requires...
over 1/4 ounces
To sell, dipense or give away or supply in any other manner...
A person that prepares dangerous drugs in dosage forms by mixing, compounding, encapsulating, entableting, or any other process...
A drug required to bear the following warning on its label is a ___________, "Caution; federal law restricts this drug to use or on the order of a licensed veterinarian".
dangerous drug
Cocaine is a....
Heroin is a...
Methamphetamine is a...
HSC: 481.002: ______________ "has an addiction forming or addiction sustaining liability similar to morphine or is capable of conversion into a drug having addiction forming or addiction sustaining liability".
When destroying a dangerous drug a Peace Officer must act in the presence of _____________.
1 witness
Whom is allowed to serve as a witness to the destruction of a dangerous drug?
an authorized Peace Officer OR an employee of the Texas State Board of Pharmacy
Possession of drug paraphernalia is a __________________.
Class "C" Misdemeanor
Delivery of drug paraphernalia to a person under age 18, is a _______________.
State Jail Felony
Delivery of drug paraphernalia to a person 18 or older, is a _______________.
Class "A" Misdemeanor
What is Not a "method of drug abuse"?
Whom is allowed to destroy a dangerous drug?
an authorized Peace Officer OR an employee of the Texas State Board of Pharmacy
Inhalent paraphernalia seized as a result of an offense is subject to ____________. (HSC 485.037)
summary forfeiture
The major classification of drugs include narcotics, depressants, stimulants, and ______________.
"_______________ means a principal compound commonly used or produced primarily for use in the manufacture of a controlled substance."
immediate precursor
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