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A form of pressure or protest&mdashan organized refusal to purchase a particular product or deal with a particular business.
climate control
The use of public relations techniques to create favorable public opinion toward an interest group, industry, or corporation.
direct technique
An interest group activity that involves interaction with government officials to further the group's goals.
indirect technique
A strategy employed by interest groups that uses third parties to influence government officials.
free rider problem
The difficulty interest groups face in recruiting members when the benefits they achieve can be gained without joining the group.
material incentive
A reason or motive having to do with economic benefits or opportunities.
labor movement
Generally, the economic and political expression of working-class interests politically, the organization of working-class interests.
latent intrests
Public-policy interests that are not recognized or addressed by a group at a particular time.
intrest group
An organized group of individuals sharing common objectives who actively attempt to influence policymakers.
An organization or individual who attempts to influence legislation and the administrative decisions of government.
public intrest
The best interests of the overall community the national good, rather than the narrow interests of a particular group.
purposive incentive
A reason for supporting or participating in the activities of a group that is based on agreement with the goals of the group. For example, someone with a strong interest in human rights might have a purposive incentive to join Amnesty International.
service sector
The sector of the economy that provides services&mdashsuch as health care, banking, and education&mdashin contrast to the sector that produces goods.
social movement
A movement that represents the demands of a large segment of the public for political, economic, or social change.
solidary incentive
A reason or motive having to do with the desire to associate with others and to share with others a particular interest or hobby.
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