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Approximately ___ examples of ancient Greek music survive.
(a) 150
(b) 50
(c) 15
(c) 15
The ___ is the most extensive example of Greek music we have.
(a) First Delphic Hymn
(b) Epitaph of Seiklos
(c) Hymn to the Muse
(d) Hymn to Nemesis
(a) First Delphic Hymn
Which of the following is not true regarding the practice of music in ancient Greece?
(a) Several types of instruments were used.
(b) Musical virtuosity was encouraged.
(c) Instrumental music was rare.
(d) Vocal music was preferred.
(b) Musical virtuosity was encouraged.
The main string instruments used in ancient Greek music were the
(a) aulos and syrinx
(b) lyra and kithara
(c) salpinx and keras
(d) tympanon and kymbala
(b) lyra and kithara
Which of the following is not true regarding the music of ancient Greece?
(a) It was an abstract science, a branch of mathematics.
(b) It was a power that could shape the individual and the state.
(c) It was an art to be practiced at the professional level by citizens.
(d) It was an art to be understood and enjoyed by sitizens as amateurs.
(d) It was an art to be understood and enjoyed by citizens as amateurs.
___ were songs sung at drinking parties, each man in tuen contributing a line to the song as he quaffed a goblet of wine.
(a) Phorbeia
(b) Skolia
(c) Odes
(d) Lais
(b) Skolia
In the Utopia described by Plato in The Republic, he required ___ as a part of the government regulated education of boys.
(a) music and poetry
(b) music and mathematics
(c) music and gymnastics
(d) music and rhetoric
(c) music and gymnastics
For Plato, the ___ was the most important part of music.
(a) purity of voice
(b) instrumental accompaniment
(c) sung poem
(c) sung poem
Aristotle argued in The Politics that all men should be educated in music, but only ___ should take part in it as performers.
(a) young men and boys
(b) older men
(c) elderly men
(a) young men and boys
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