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Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
Deals with keeping business operations running
Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
Deals with restoring normal business operations
Continuity of Operations (COOP)
Blending of BCP and DRP
Business Impact Assessment (BIA)
Early step in BCP.
Vulnerability Assessment
Criticality Assessment
Max Tolerable Downtime
Recovery Targets
Resource Requirements
Two types of recover objectives
Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
Recovery Time Objective
Maximum period of time that an organization can function if an application, system or process is unavailable because of a disaster
Recover Point Objective
Maximum amount of electronic records that an organization can loose and still remain functional if a disaster occurs
Cold Site
Empty computer room with environmental facilities.  Least costly option.
Warm Site
Cold site with computers and comm links in place.  No software or data.
Hot Site
Duplicate of production system including all computers, comms, applications, patches, data, etc.  Staffed.  Able to take over at a moments notice.  Very expensive.
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