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What is Mulberry leaf and Chrysanthemum decoction?
Sang ju yin
What is indication for sang ju yin?
Cough caused by Wind-Heat.
What is honey suckle and forsythia powder?
Yin qiao san
What are indications for yin qiao san?
sore throat and red-tipped tongue indicate wind-heat
What is bupleurum and kudzu decaction?
Chai ge jie ji tang
What are actions and indications for chai ge jie ji tang?
Release muscle layer for more fever less chills, eye pain and HA
What is cimifuga and kudzu decoction?
Cheng ma go gen tang
What is sheng ma ge gen usually used for?
Early stage of measles
What formula is used for the early stage of measles?
sheng ma ge gen tang
What is notopterygium and isatis root decoction?
Qiang lang tang
What does qiang lang tang treat?
Sore swollen throat with high fever
What formula is good for sore swollen throat with high fever?
qiang lang tang
What formulas are in the category that release external wind-heat?
Sang ju yin. Yin qiao san. Chai ge jie ji tang. Sheng ma ge gen tang. Qiang lang tang.
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