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What are the 3 phases in the making of a film?
Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production
What is audio post?  
Replacement of, additions to, and changes to production sound.
What 3 things do the production sound team record?
Dialog Backgrounds (ambience) Walla
What is walla?
Crowd chatter
What do we call the ambient sound of a room?
Room tone
What do we call finding the timecode locations where dialog, effects, or music will be placed?
Who is in charge of all aspects of audio post?
Supervising sound editor
What is re-recording dialog called?
Looping or ADR
What do we call it when production dialog of several actors is separated to different tracks by the dialog editor?
Split Tracks
What do we call the brief segments of background noise left before and after each line of production dialog by the editor?
What is used to enable synchronization of audio to picture?  
SMPTE Time Code
What device shows the scene and take number on camera?  
What device on the slate is used to provide a sync point for picture and sound?  
Clapper or sticks
What do we call sound effects performed while watching film?  
What are the surfaces for walking in a Foley studio called?  
Foley Pits
Who performs the Foley?  
Foley walker or Foley artist
  What are the purposes for sound effects?
  Simulate reality Create illusion Set mood
 Who may create the effects?  
 Sound Designer
Who places the effects in their sync position?
Sound Editor
What do we call non-Foley’ed SFX?
Cut effects or hard effects
Where do sound effects come from when we don’t have the budget to create custom SFX?
Sound effects library
What is the difference between the score and a source cue?  
Source cues are from a previously recorded source. Score is written for and timed to the picture.
What is a punch?  
A white flash used to indicate music start, stop or tempo change.
What is a streamer?
A moving bar used to indicate a punch is about to occur
Who oversees all aspects of the music?           
Music Supervisor
Who places music in proper sync position, shortens or lengthens a cue and documents start/stop points of music?  
Music Editor
Who writes the score?  
What do we call music used for an unfinished film, before the score is written?  
Temp score or temp tracks
What do we use when there is no budget for a composer or licensing source cues?  
Production music library
What do we call a movie preview?  
Who does the final mix of a film?
Re-recording mixers
What is another name for mixing?
What is M&E?
Music and effects mixed separately from dialog
What is the transfer of the mix back to the master video called?
What do we call the sub mixes of similar sounds, created to make the final mix simpler?
True or False: Film mixes are intended to be as close to reality as possible.
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