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Which Native American leader attempted to unify the tribes against white settlement?
Under his direction, the United States saw the birth of the factory system.
Samuel Slater
What difficulty did Jefferson face in purchasing the Louisiana Territory?
The constitutionality of his actions
What contributed to Thomas Jefferson’s decision to make the Louisiana Purchase?
Spain closing the port of New Orleans to American commerce
Who first explored the Louisiana Territory all the way to the Pacific?
Lewis and Clark
The United States’ success in dealing with the Barbary States during the war from 1801 to 1805
was the result of the American naval blockade of those nations.
The decision in Marbury v Madison was the first time the Supreme Court
asserted its right to judge the constitutionality of congressional acts
After 1800, Federalists retained control of
The judiciary
In the famous duel of July 11, 1804, Aaron Burr killed
Alexander Hamilton.
For John Marshall, charges of treason
had to be defined to protect civil rights.
Which of the following authorized American trade with all nations except Britain and France?
Non-Intercourse Act
Jefferson’s foreign policy
created more harm than good for the United States.
These congressmen believed it was imperative that the United States acquire Canada.
War Hawks
What group opposed war with Great Britain?
New Englanders
What was NOT a major British strategic objective in the War of 1812?
Occupation of New York City
At the battle of New Orleans
British forces were annihilated by Andrew Jackson and his troops
The Treaty of Ghent
Did little more than end hostilities and postpone other issues for future negotiations
The first goal of postwar expansionists in the United States after 1815 was
to obtain Florida from Spain
The following were all major pre-Civil War improvement in the American transportation system:
  • Steamboats
  • Upriver navigation
  • Canals
  • Roads
The most spectacular engineering achievement of the young United States was the
Erie Canal
What were factors in making the South the world’s greatest producers of cotton?
  • The availability of good land in the southwest
  • Demand created by the growing textile industry
  • Tthe existence of slavery in the South
  • The effect of the cotton gin on production
The post-war demand for money and credit led to
More state banks
The term specie refers to
gold and silver
Which of the following groups was a primary source of labor for the textile mills?
The great showplace for early American industrialization was
Lowell, Massachusetts
Many Americans believed high tariffs would
prevent competition from foreign goods.
The major advocate of the “American System” was
Henry Clay
The “American System” called for
  • High tariffs
  • Internal improvements
  • Agricultural protection
  • A national bank
The President most closely identified with the “Era of Good Feelings” was
James Monroe
The panic of 1819
was identified with the policies of the Bank of the United States
The question of admitting Missouri to the Union in 1819
stirred the southern fears regarding the balance of power between North and South
McCullough v. Maryland involved questions regarding
The national bank
The main diplomatic challenge facing James Monroe in 1820 was
responding to the revolt of Spain’s Latin American colonies
The most obvious indicator of the supremacy of democracy in the United States was
the development of universal manhood suffrage
In the election of 1824, Andrew Jackson
could claim fame as a military hero
John Quincy Adams’ victory in 1824 was aided by
Henry Clay
The main issue of John Quincy Adams’ presidency was
Who was the President of the national bank and Andrew Jackson’s chief opponent in the “bank war”?
Nicholas Biddle
A major criticism of the national bank was that
it concentrated too much power in the hands of the privileged
The Whig Party
grew from a coalition of Jackson’s opponents
The slogan “Tippecanoe and Tyler, too” refers to William Henry Harrison’s involvement in
a western battle with Native Americans
The most influential spokesman for the common school movement was
Horace Mann
The leader of the movement to reform asylums and prisons was
Dorothea Dix
In 1821, the American Colonization Society established which colony as a refuge for former slaves returned to Africa?
The founder of the radical anti-slavery movement was
William Lloyd Garrison
In the large cities of the North, abolitionism
was often violently opposed
Abolitionism received its greatest support in the
large cities
Who became one of the most significant leaders of the women’s rights movement?
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Utopian Socialism was founded in the 1820’s, as a result of the visit to the United States by
Robert Owen
When President James Monroe talked about needing “internal improvements”, he was referring to
construction of a reliable transportation system for the United States
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