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List The Router IOS Startup Process
Run the POST, Find The IOS, Load The IOS to RAM, Find The configuration and Load The Configuration to RAM
What is Stored in ROM
The Post, Bootstrap, ROMMON and RXBoot
What is Stored in Flash
What is Stored in NVRAM
The Startup Configuration File
What is Stored in RAM
Dynamically Learned information such as Routing Tables, ARP cache and buffers.  Also Running Config and an Active IOS
What Does Config Register 0x2100 mean
Always Boot to ROMMON
What Does Config Register 0x2101 mean
Always Boot to RXBOOT
What Does Config Register 0x2102 mean
Load The First Valid IOS in Flash
What Does Config Register 0x2142 mean
Boot without loading the startup configuration file where the passwords are stored, and lets you change the password
What are the three encapsulations for a serial port?
HDLC, PPP and Frame Relay
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